And so it begins…

I have to admit… I am a little hesitant to start writing this blog.  I’m not the type to put personal, albeit anonymous, information out into the interwebs.  But there is simply too much that I have to say and work through to keep this to myself.

I’ll start with a little background about me.  I’m a relatively healthy 28-year-old girl.  I have a great job, great family and friends, and a wonderfully supportive husband.  I have never been pregnant in my life.  There are a couple reasons I’ve always had it stuck in the back of my head that I might not be that fertile. For starters,  my period never started on its own.  At age 16 or 17, after all my friends and even my younger sister (gasp!) had surpassed me, I finally convinced my mother that something was wrong and we went to an endocrinologist.  From what I remember they weren’t too concerned about the long-term, but gave me progesterone pills to start my cycles.  After that, I had been on hormonal birth control for the better part of a decade.  In college and beyond, because I never had a pregnancy scare like almost all my friends,  it kept that fear alive.

So that was me.  The girl who always had this notion that I probably… maybe… possibly would have difficulty getting pregnant? But I guess I wouldn’t really know until we tried.


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