Just be patient…

Fast forward to the month after our wedding last summer.  We got married in June 2011.  I went off BCP in July.  Eight months later, after tracking my very irregular periods, I was already losing patience.  I called my nurse midwife and set up an appointment.  They did a regular exam, and recommended that I have an ultrasound done, just to make sure all my parts were there.  After the U/S came back normal, they told me they would have to send me to a fertility specialist, as anything out of the range of normal was out of their hands.

I got an appointment quickly with the local and well renowned IVF practice.  At the first appointment, I almost felt stupid.  I was definitely the youngest, healthiest looking person in the waiting room.  I had only been “trying” for 8 months.  I didn’t think I should be there.  Everything I read said, “try for a year so your cycles can regulate”, or “insurance won’t cover infertility treatments if it hasn’t been a year” bla bla.  But I knew something wasn’t right.  I knew I had irregular periods, and assumed I wasn’t ovulating.

The doctor (reproductive endocrinologist) was a very nice, straight-talking guy.  I went in thinking I would have to convince him to treat me, and worried about insurance coverage for this consultation, let alone expensive treatment.  He assured me that it would be no problem, and he was ready to send me home with Femara, to give ovulation a kick-start.  He also set up an appointment to have a HSG, to check my tubes, and make sure there were no blockages, etc.  I went home with 2 prescriptions, a huge folder of information, pending appointments, and an overwhelming, excited feeling that I was on the right track.  If I hadn’t been ovulating before, I certainly would now.  Maybe I’d have a baby within a year or so!

Right? Wrong.  I had some basic blood work done while I was there, which all came back WNL.  I came in with some of my husband’s health history, which included history of varicocele surgery when he was about 10 years old.  The RE told me that my husband would have to bring in a “sample”, which was standard procedure.


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