The urologist

We got an appointment with the best urologist in town, according to my RE, and only had to wait 3 weeks.  Initially when my husband called in the beginning of February, they said they might be able to get him in in May.  MAY.  I laughed out loud.  There was no f-ing way I was going to wait for 3 months just to have a consultation.  A few more frantic phone calls later, and I suspect a call from my RE, they got us in sooner.

This guy might have been the best urologist in the area but he had the worst bed-side manner I’d ever witnessed. In the first 20 minutes of meeting us he made several, highly inappropriate jokes and references. It was beyond awkward.  I tried to hide my horror as he told us that we’d need an U/S to see if my husband had another varicocele, as that can cause infertility.  He also would have blood work done to check his hormone levels.

A few weeks later it was determined that he didn’t have a varicocele, and his hormone levels were essentially normal.  So there was no need for a surgery (Thank god, that would only mean more waiting.)  The urologist felt that my husband would benefit from HCG shots.  Once a month for 4 months he would get 10,000 units in the tush.  After 4 months, we would check his levels.  If they could get his count up to 10 million we’d be candidates for IUI.

And so, the shots, and more waiting continued.


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