Two weeks

I called my RE today, and our first official IVF consultation is scheduled for July 10th.  I’m excited, nervous, and still sort of in shock that we have to do this.  I have no idea what to expect.  I think the process is going to be very involved physically and emotionally.  I’m worried that it will disrupt my work schedule.  (I have a somewhat flexible job, but I’m a consultant in healthcare facilities, so no one can exactly cover for me on short notice.)  I’m worried that it won’t work.  And as upsetting as it can be to get a BFN on a pregnancy test, I can only imagine it’s a million times worse after you just put all that effort, time, and money into an IVF cycle.

I’ve started to take my prenatals again (had to quit for awhile, too depressing) and am going to stay positive.  I had very little faith that the HCG shots would work for my husband, and that manifested itself into a reality.  Maybe I can will the IVF to work by being optimistic about it! We’ll see.


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