Let’s get this show on the road

Only 9 days to go until our first IVF appointment.  I am so eager to get in there and find out what we have to do.  I have read a zillion blogs and websites and googled just about everything combination of “IVF, MFI, ICSI” etc etc that I feel I have a general idea of what it will entail.  I just can’t wait to hear our specifics, exactly how it will go, and when when WHEN! 

I feel so many different emotions regarding the whole situation, and they all run through my mind every day.  Excitement, worry, fear, anger, happiness. I wish we were as lucky as all the pregnant people I see in my every day life, absent-mindedly rubbing their bellies in my face.  I wonder if there will ever come a day when I see a pregnant woman and don’t feel bitter.  I will say, particularly for my good friends, I am happy for them.  But the sheer NUMBER of pregnant women I now see on a daily basis is mentally exhausting.  Hopefully this IVF thing will just work, and maybe then, when I’m finally one of them, I will let those feelings go.  I don’t know though.  They might just always be there.  


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