We are not alone

I’ve been casually looking around the blogosphere, to find other people with similar infertility stories.  One thing is certain.  I feel for all of these people.  In my case it’s primarily male factor infertility, but I feel as though I can relate completely with women who have their own infertility issues, PCOS, Endo, etc.  The bottom line is the same.   The video below made me cry like a little baby, hiding behind my computer so my husband wouldn’t think I was crazy and overly emotional.

I’m still fairly new in the struggle (1 year), but every line from her video I could relate to.  Especially the line about resenting people who got to do it naturally.

Anywho, 8 days until our IVF consult!  My husband had a follow-up appointment with his urologist today.  He didn’t have much to say about the HCG treatments not working, other than he’d still like to get a sample at the end of the month to see if the 2nd round of shots had made any difference.  I guess he is going to stay in the loop via our RE, but from here on out we are only going to be dealing with the RE.  Thank god.  This urologist was not only a pompous ass, but I also think he didn’t quite know what he was talking about when it came to IVF and infertility.

At our first appointment I left in tears because he said that given our current numbers, even IVF wasn’t an option for us. (Ummm was he thinking of IUI? Does he know there’s a difference?) Then today he asked my husband if our RE had mentioned extraction of the sperm from the testes, so we could obtain his “DNA”.  From what our RE previously told us, we’d be fine for regular old IVF.  My husband has SOME sperm in his samples, just not a ton.  I’m sure more testing of the sperm is warranted before we start IVF, but what I’m getting at is, I will not miss this urologist.


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