Just the beginning

This morning I got my first call from an IVF nurse while I was working with a client.  As soon as I saw BLOCKED on the caller ID my heart was racing.  I couldn’t answer in front of my client, as much as I wanted to.  So I sat there waiting on pins and needles for the session to end so I could call them back.  And this phone call was about NOTHING.  Just basic, getting started info.  They’re going to send some scripts and consent forms in the mail, blabla.   I am seriously going to lose my shit once I’m waiting on the real stuff.  The 2WWs will be an absolute joke.

She said we both have a bit more blood work to do.  My husband has a lot of blood work to do, as well as give a semen sample to be frozen.  I am to call once my period starts, then go and get a pregnancy test before I start the BCP.  A pregnancy test?  Really? I know it’s just a safety thing, but of all the annoying, blood work, lab-related tests I have to go through, this one really seems unnecessary, almost taunting.  No, I am not pregnant.  Of course I’m not pregnant.  But let’s just verify that as often as possible.

Now we’re just waiting on my period to start.  I’m on CD 26, so I could get my period now, or in 9 or 10 days.  You never do know.  And of course, I’ve been spotting for 7 days already.  I really hope that if it’s a hormonal imbalance I have,  it won’t interfere with IVF.  Or if it is, they will be giving me something to take care of it.  I think it could be progesterone.  All I know is it can’t be normal for the back half of my completely irregular, 22-35 day cycle, to be a slow leak.


2 thoughts on “Just the beginning

  1. Hi lady! ::waves::

    Oh once you start on the real stuff, all the previously taken horrible drugs will seem “adorable”.

    Don’t worry if you have a hormonal imbalance – the whole fun of said drugs is that they take your body and whip it into submission whether it likes it or not. Hooray!

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