Whoop-dee Whoop!

That Jedi mind trick must have worked! Aunt Flo has officially arrived.

Let the IVF games begin…. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Whoop-dee Whoop!

  1. Congrats on the start to your first IVF cycle! I’m looking forward to reading a post with the details of your cycle to see how close we are with dates. I have details on my blog with my dates, but my first Lupron injection is August 8th. Will you be doing ICSI too? Look forward to hearing how things go!

    • Thanks, same to you! 🙂
      It seems like our cycles are going to line up almost exactly! I just spoke with the nurse today and jotted a few important dates down. Lupron will begin August 6th, tentative retrieval for the week of August 27th. I’ll write a full post now. Oh, and yes we are definitely doing ICSI.
      This is gonna be fun! haha

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