Tentative IVF Schedule (& some new concerns) (Edited)

My period started last night. Yay!

This morning I got my blood work done, and called the IVF nurse.  She gave me the low-down on what the next 6ish weeks are going to look like. Meanwhile, my husband went to the RE to hand in a sample to be frozen as back-up. Brrr.

So here it is…

July 21st- start birth control for 21 days, until August 10th (Apri/Desogen) & take daily baby aspirin

July 26th- mock egg retrieval ultrasound with RE & teach session with IVF nurse on medication and IVF schedule details

August 6th- start Lupron injections

August 14th- blood work and U/S with RE

August 17th- (I wrote this date down and forgot to write the reason.  Ha! Maybe Follistim? I’ll know more next week)

August 27th or the week of- EGG RETRIEVAL!

Ok.  I’m very excited that this is all happening so soon.  But it wouldn’t be a phone call with the RE if there wasn’t something that sounded like bad news to me.  Last week at our consult, I had some initial blood work done, and they tested my AMH level (Anti-Mullerian Hormone).  I’m no expert, but I know it tests a hormone that’s released in the ovaries that determines ovarian reserve/how well your body will respond to the drugs.  So I asked her if my levels came back normal.  She said above 2 is ideal, and I was at 1.13.  Then she said anything below 1 is usually “bad”.  Huh… 1.13 sounds pretty close to 1 or below to me.  Then she said it just gives the RE an idea of how to adjust the doses of meds, etc.  But all I’m thinking is ARE MY EGGS BAD? SERIOUSLY?

So I googled it (of course) to see what the normal ranges are.  From what I saw earlier today, it said 20 was normal for my age. Holy shit!   Two or below was extremely low on this particular chart. And I’m at 1.13?  So I freaked out…. Until I just discovered that there are 2 different scales of measurement.  If they test in ng/mL, I’d be in the range of normal.  I’m going to just shut up until I talk to my RE.  As per usual, my husband told me not to jump to any conclusions unless I heard it from the doctor, and he was right.  Google, you’re gonna be the death of me.

Since I don’t have all the details of the cycle yet, I’m not really sure if this is my last period before we start the heavy duty stuff.  But if it is, sweet!

Maybe this will be the last one for the next 9 months or so? 😉


12 thoughts on “Tentative IVF Schedule (& some new concerns) (Edited)

    • I know, I’m so glad! Next week when I go in for the mock retrieval I’ll get a much better idea of the full protocol. I wonder if all our drugs will be the same, etc. I’ll keep you posted!

  1. Yes, definitely keep me posted. And I’m curious about the mock retrieval. I’ve read that on other people’s blogs, but it is not part of my protocol. I have a meds class over the phone/watching administration videos online, but nothing about the retrieval. Maybe they will give me more info when we get closer to the actual retrieval? I’ll be sure to ask the nurse when I do the meds class.

    • My understanding is they do it to take some measurements, get an idea of the size catheter they’ll use, figure out best placement of embryos during the transfer, and also just make sure the uterus looks normal. I never had a HSG so I’m hoping it goes well. They said it’s very quick. I’ll let you know next week!

  2. Hi ladies!

    Just thought I’d chime in that the mock egg retrieval is the rocking good time everyone says it is.

    They put your legs in stirrups for several minutes, and while you sit there feeling like some sort of advertisement for gang rape they flutter about and put increasingly alarmingly sized instruments into your nooners.

    I kid, I kid. It’s no spa treatment but it’s not that bad. They basically just measure you to see what’s what and what kind of catheter to use so that it’s easy-pacheezy when the real time comes.

      • Umm, I love the word. SO. MUCH.

        It’s basically just a little extracurricular awfulness for the entertainment of strange men. Makes me wonder if hookers are better able to cope.

  3. Just an FYI on the AMH – there are multiple charts out there with different measurements. So try not to freak out too much. Also, you might want to google vitamin d and low amh.

    • Very innnneresting. The first chart I saw scared the living shit out of me. The rest of them made me feel sliightly better. I just wish I knew what it meant for our chances.
      Maybe I’ll start popping vit D. I’ll ask my doc tmrw at our mock retrieval.
      Thanks for the info!

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