Money Money Money

So yesterday I started my 21 days of birth control and baby aspirin regimen (those things are adorable, little hearts on them and everything!)

We also got our IVF Financial paperwork.

There are 2 options:

Package 1 costs $5,000 for cycle 1, $4,000 for cycle 2, and $3,000 if a 3rd cycle is needed.

Package 2 is $6,500 and includes 2 cycles.

(Both packages include the cost of IVF management fee/teach session, embryo retrieval, embryo transfer, ICSI, hatching, embryo cryopreservation, embryo storage for 1 calendar year, and FET’s for 1 calendar year.)

Other costs not included:

Ultrasound scans- $940

Lab tests- $450

Medications- $1,900-4,000

We are going to go with option 2 (6,500 for 2) as a kind of insurance policy.  Add in all the other costs, and this initial cycle will cost between $9,790 and $11,890.  If the second cycle is needed, it would be between $3,290 and $5,390 for the ultrasounds, labs, and meds.

Amount covered by insurance- $0

I’m not sure why there would be such a variance in the need of drugs, maybe based on hormones? My body’s ability to respond?  Based on my AMH level that I’m still freaking out about (1.13) I’m thinking I’m going to need lots of drugs.

I’m just curious how this matches up with other people’s IVF costs.  I’m in upstate NY.  I wonder how much the cost might vary depending on what state you live in.  I remember seeing $6,500 on their website, thinking that included everything, and being thrilled!  It seemed SO much cheaper than the national average.

Now I realize, I was way wrong.

Please feel free to share the specs of your IVF costs!

Let’s openly talk finances in a way that would make my grandmother gasp in horror. 😉


8 thoughts on “Money Money Money

  1. One ivf cycle here ( south carolina) costs 11,848 including ultrasounds. After meds ans pre cycle testing its in the 13k range. That is just the fresh cycle. A FET is 3500k, not including meds
    They have a multi cycle discount – 2 fresh and 2 frozen for 21.5k, not including meds. And a 3 fresh 3 frozen for 27k with a money back guarantee, not including meds. We will be paying cycle by cycle, ourselves because you cannot use the cycles out of order ( has to be fresh then frozen, fresh them frozen, etc)
    It’s insane, isn’t it?

    • Wow, really? I guess it’s a little bit cheaper up here. I don’t understand why they regulate the fresh/frozen thing. Why can’t you do more than 1 FET in a row? And those are pretty big packages to pay up front! The money-back guarantee helps I’m sure, but that’s a huge chunk of change. I don’t blame you for going cycle by cycle.

      A FET is listed as $2,200 by my RE, including scans, labs, and meds.

      Let’s hope that we won’t need to do this too many times. I know it’s nothing compared to the long-term costs of a child, but still. And I just wish insurance would cover SOMETHING.

      Are you going to be cycling soon?

      • yeah you do seem to be getting the better deal. I’m not sure why its different place to place….you’d think they could regulate the price somehow.
        The plan is to start cycling once good ol’ AF shows up (due next weekend). You?

  2. I’m in L.A. and with a discount all & all my first IVF was around 11,000. Thinking IVF #2 may be a smidgen more expensive depending on how they vary my medication. (And this is all with a discount… sheesh).

    Stupid freaking insurance.

    • Stork- Insurance freaking blows. Unfortunately I’m not on my husband’s insurance as his job won’t cover me since I qualify for it at my own job (who does that?), or I’d get slightly better coverage with meds/ultrasounds etc, but that’s it. I think we are stuck now. Your prices seem pretty comparable, maybe a little higher. PS- I’m gonna email you so we can be Fertilebook friends!

      Theresa- I start Lupron on August 6th, with tentative retrieval date of August 27th. I hope AF shows up on time for you, and I’ll be sure to follow along with your cycle!

      • I love that you just called me Stork. I can also go by Stupid.

        I got your email and looked you up and that damn stupid good for nothing website tells me you don’t exist! I sent you my name… find me so I can be creepy and look at you.

        And what the fudge – they won’t cover you on your husband’s insurance? I cry bullshit.

  3. Insurance sucks! Not covering infertility treatment sucks more! I’m sorry you have such a huge financial burden on top of everything else you are going through. I’m not sure what a non-covered cycle would be for me, but I’m sure I’ll get a detailed bill at the end and can let you know then.

    • Doesn’t it though? As shitty as not having any coverage is, we are very fortunate that my in-laws are willing to help us. If we had to pay everything ourselves, we would run through our savings so quickly.

      My heart goes out to the people who know they can only afford 1 or 2 cycles before they have to stop. That would be SO difficult to be limited just because of stupid finances.

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