Mock retrieval & IVF teach session

Today was the day!  My first ultrasound with my RE to take some measurements and make sure everything was looking good in there.  

It went well.  My uterus is PERFECTLY healthy (and tiny and empty), but no polyps or cysts or abnormalities.  Thank god.  He shot some water up there, like a half-assed HSG, and said it looked great.  My ovaries were barely noticeable because of the birth control so they’re also teeny tiny, but there were 2 of them so we’re okay. 

The part that really amused me was the vaginal ultrasound wand wearing a condom. Hehehe.  I’m mature.  

It really only took about 2 minutes, it felt slightly crampy, I said “OW”, he said “Ok we won’t go that far when we do the transfer”, then he shot some water up there. Done.  

He also let us know that my husband’s genetic testing came back normal.  He is a “normal male”.  Phew.  So that means, I think, that his MFI has no genetic link, and is most likely all due to his stupidfuckin varicocele history. 

I asked him about my AMH levels that I’ve been worried about, and while he did say that they prefer 2 or above (I’m 1.13), he said that my number is fine, and it’s really not a true indication of egg quality, etc.  Then he told us that with my age, we’re good.  I’m holding him to that.  

Our teach session was the time consuming part.  A good hour, full of information.  We got to shoot up in a fake pad of fat and practice proper disposal of needles!

So here’s my med schedule:

August 6- start Lupron injections (.1 cc every night)

August 10- last active birth control pill (see ya!)

August 14- baseline ultrasound and blood work (ensure there’s no cysts & that ovaries are inactive)

August 17- start Gonal-F injections (225 F) and LH injections 

August 19- more blood work to check levels

Week of August 20-25- basically have an ultrasound every morning to check eggs

August 26-27 ish- trigger shot of Ovidrel

August 27-29ish- RETRIEVAL! (night before start doxycycline, use medicated douche- WTF, no food/drink after midnight)

3 days later- transfer

After transfer- begin progesterone (Endometrin vaginal tablets 3x/day)

Here was the BEST part.  My good friend’s mother is an infertility nurse at my RE’s practice.  While my pants were half on after the mock transfer, and it was just me and my husband in the room, she sneaks in with a bag FULL of Gonal-F.  For FREE. Enough to get me through this entire cycle.  With my pants falling down, I gave her a big hug. 

Then, the nurse who I didn’t even know, gave me free Endometrin (enough to get us up to after the transfer).  I was so thrilled.  

So, all in all, today was a good day.  I left the building feeling really good.  I can’t wait to get started.  Hurry up, August! 




6 thoughts on “Mock retrieval & IVF teach session

  1. Yessss! C’mon, August!

    Umm, I would literally sleep with the entire medical building my Doc’s office is in if I could get one of those medications for free.

    Have you done the Endometrin before?

    My one golden nugget of fantastic IVF related advice is in regards to Endometrin. This is not so much advice as it is a command.

    Go to Target. Buy underwear that you find hideous and old-lady comfy. Do not wear anything other than these panties for your entire stay in Progesterone land. Do not become emotionally attached to any pair, as you will be throwing them out if not burning them in the backyard.

    So excited for you!

    • Pants-less hugs, blowjobs, whatever it takes!

      Ummm FUN! Old lady panties are literally the only undies I own anyway. But I’m attached to my holey old lady panties. Guess I’ll need new ones.

      So what, does it all just fall out gradually or something?

    • ALSO- when do I reeally need to start abstaining from alcohol?
      I have a wedding every weekend in August, but I don’t want to f this up.
      I figured maybe once I start Lupron I’d just forego booze from there on out. Or maybe the Gonal-F?

      • 1. It will quite possibly be the grossest thing that has happened in your life ever ever ever. The RN/IVF coordinator said “oh just so you know, get a panty liner because stuff starts to fall out”. My first two days on endometrin I was fine, declared her a lunatic. Then it happened. Gradually falling out, all the time, giant chunks, baby chunks, squirty chunks. SO. GROSS. And I am not easily grossed out! I took two showers a day not giving a shit for the environment for the remainder of time on it.

        2. Hmmm… I didn’t do Lupron but that’s the suppressing stage, right? (I do vaguely remember it from when I was a teenager and thought I needed BC. HA! Fool.) I would think you could booze it up then as long as it doesn’t interact. Maybe quit it after. I think I think.

      • LOL. I just read your “giant chunks, baby chunks” line out loud to my husband and could barely get through it. You kill me.
        My RN said it’s not the pill falling out, but there’s a “discharge”. Mmhmmm.
        I’ve talked to several other people who don’t have to down-regulate with BC and Lupron, I wonder how they determine which protocol is appropriate…
        Did you abstain from booze when you were shooting up? (That sounds weird)

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