My bizarre pre-IVF dreams

Last night I had a silly little dream…

I was with my younger sister, who is 25, and we discovered we were BOTH pregnant.  (This is slightly unrealistic as she’s not married, but no less realistic than me becoming pregnant.)  We both peed on a stick and both were positive.  I remember feeling guilty, as I’d been told by my RE not to have sex before IVF (?), but I did, and I wound up pregnant the old fashioned way.  Ha! Oops.  

The pregnancy test was flashing and blinking like I’d won a game show.  I think it even said out loud “YOU ARE PREGNANT! YOU ARE PREGNANT!”

For the remainder of the dream I waddled around carefully, TERRIFIED that the baby would fall out.  In the end, it did fall out, and I was no longer pregnant. (That’s more like it.)  

Anyone else having ridiculous infertility dreams?


2 thoughts on “My bizarre pre-IVF dreams

  1. YES! The other night I dreamed that a friend of mine and my husband’s cousin both announced that they were pregnant. If that wasn’t bad enough, my husband’s cousin said she didn’t want it and was going to terminate. I was bawling and telling her not to, that she could give it to me and that I would adopt it. Ayiyi!

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