Gang’s all here

Obligatory IVF drugs photo below!

I have 7 more days of birth control to go.  Now that Lupron is starting on Monday, I’m REAALLY getting how serious this all is.  I don’t want to do anything to interfere with the drugs, or to harm my zen-like, baby-making vessel.

Of course, I have a wedding this weekend, and 2 more later in the month.  But, I’m going to abstain from booze from here on out.  I wish my RE would just tell me flat-out not to drink.  Or when specifically I should stop drinking (or if I should have stopped awhile ago).  If anyone wants to weigh in on this, or has more info from their doc, lemme know.

I’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to my beloved cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, prosecco, belgian witte beers, and the list goes on….

(From left: Gonal-F, Lupron, Ovidrel, Endometrin)


12 thoughts on “Gang’s all here

  1. I miss my wines too. My RE has never said to stop drinking alcohol but I’ve never asked either. I’ve read studies that if you are a ‘normal’ woman TTC and if you don’t cut out alcohol (until you are actually pregnant) it doesn’t much affect your chances of conceiving. But if you struggle with IF and you don’t cut alcohol out of your diet, it significantly decreases your chances of getting pregnant. I can’t remember the exact percentages listed in the study but it was significant enough for me to cut out alcohol at the start of my first IVF cycle in July. The study also said the same thing about caffeine, so I have not had any caffeine (that I know of) in more than a month. I actually feel really good about these healthy changes (but I still miss my wine).

    • Thanks for the input 🙂

      I’ve done a few searches in the last couple days and have found that a lot of fertility clinic say to cut it out for the duration of the cycle, if not months before you start. Yikes! Too late for that. I never asked my RE, but I did ask the IVF nurse last week, and all she’d say was it would be a “good idea” not to drink. Ummm ok? Could you be a little more specific? haha

      Just thinking about going to all these weddings and not getting to have a glass of wine is bumming me out. But I’m going to pretend to so no one will get suspicious. The last thing I need right now is people asking me if I’m pregnant. I wish!

  2. With my IVF, the IVF coordinator/RN told me that not drinking before ovulation was something to do in order to start practicing not drinking during pregnancy…So yeah, a glass of wine at a wedding is not a big deal, but maybe not be a drinker-drinker other than that. And then, of course, stop all together a few days before the egg retrieval.

    • Sooo maybe don’t have 5+ glasses of wine like I did at last weekend’s wedding? Got it.
      I could definitely use the practice of ‘not’ drinking. Of course, I think it would be easier to abstain if I were just pregnant, instead of this trying to get pregnant limbo hell. But that would just be too easy.

  3. I reckon 1-2 glasses here and there won’t make a blind bit of difference, especially with food. Don’t drink until you’re drunk and you’ll be fine. What is your DH doing on the booze front given that you’re MFI? Mine started so well but has had quite a few slip ups recently, it’s so hard to abstain for any prolonged period & neither of us really has any will power!

    • Uh oh, I’m about to leave for the reception soon and I’m afraid I’ll crack! I kind of agree with you.
      My husband hasn’t done a damn thing! Neither the RE nor the urologist have ever made mention of giving up alcohol to him.
      I think he figures since they’re doing ICSI anyway it makes no difference. Which is probably partially true, but I’m sure booze doesn’t help overall.

  4. Daaang–that’s quite a haul! I had to quit drinking b/c of a digestive disorder a while back, so I don’t know anything about the drinking. I would guess a glass of wine isn’t a huge deal, but maybe pass on the tequila shots? 😉 Oooooh, and now I am missing tequila. 😦

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