Well, I am extremely proud to say, that I survived my first wedding in 10+ years with barely a drink!  I drank my teeeeeny tiny little champagne toast, that even my 8 months pregnant best friend drank (so it obviously didn’t count.)  Other than that, I drank water and club soda with lime all night.  

It might sound like a problem, but because of some mild anxiety issues, drinking  socially has always been a crutch.  I always think that I can’t handle certain situations without having a glass of wine first.  Well, now I know, that’s really not the case.  I was still shouting and laughing and dancing all night with the rest of those drunken idiots.  I’m sure some situations will always make me uncomfortable, but being sober for it is not as bad as I thought.  I chugged that club soda like it was a real drink, and felt just fine.  Ha!  It’s almost like if you smoke cigarettes.  When you quit, you just feel like you need to be holding something, chewing on something.  It’s just a nervous habit.  

On another note….. reality is sinking in.  I start shooting up with Lupron tomorrow.  Suddenly I’m feeling super emotional about it.  Not because of the needles!  I just can’t believe this is finally here.  That there is an actual chance that in a month or so,  I could be pregnant.  

Last night I watched several pregnant friends dancing away with their bellies and their proud husbands, and I just hoped with everything, that we could have that soon. 


8 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Well done you!! I’ve actually found that I drink more since the MFI diagnosis in order to prove that I’m not pregnant! I’m going to have to avoid social situations completely whilst cycling as people will be convinced that I’m duffed up! How did shooting up go?

    • Oh I hear you! I always have drinks when we’re out with friends, so me not drinking would be a dead giveaway. I am going to go into hiding for the next 6 weeks, and fake-drink at all these weddings.
      Shot went well! I just did it now. I only had to stick myself twice to actually get the meds in! It’ll be a lot easier from now on I’m sure. I was scurred! 😉

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