Fun with Lupron, & potty talk

I’ll just say this now.  If you don’t like talking about poop, or reading about poop, move along.  I’m kidding, it won’t be that bad.  But seriously, you should probably go. 

I have been dealing with IBS on a daily basis for over 10 years.  I know the true definition of IBS is alternating constipation/diarrhea, that might affect a person a few times a month.  No.  I have it every day all day, and it’s only one kind.  Never constipation. 

I am that person who takes a bite of a cracker, or plain white bread, and has to run to the bathroom.  Water, breathing, everything makes me have to use the bathroom.  I am serious. 

I’ve been tested recently for inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease mainly), gluten intolerance, and other food allergies.  When I explained my symptoms to my doctor, and stated I’d been dealing with them for over a decade, he thought there was NO way it was just plain old IBS.  However, all the tests came back fine, and we still don’t know what my problem is.  

While I realize that having to use the bathroom all day is not normal, and probably not how most people live, it is my normal.  So here we are at day 4 of Lupron,  and it’s like my digestive system shut off.  It doesn’t work.  I CANNOT go to the bathroom.  Oh my god, I’m going crazy.  It is probably more or less in my head, but I’m already so uncomfortable. I already took 2 stool softeners and am eagerly waiting for them to do something.  I cannot imagine having to do this for 20 more days! AHHH!  My best friend said she was totally constipated for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Maybe I’m just getting a head start.  I hope.  

Anyone else ever experience this symptom? Gross.  Other than that though,  I am feeling no different.  Maybe a slight achy headache occasionally, but nothing that lasts longer than a few minutes.  

A new exciting discovery today!  At my IVF teach session, the nurse had told me if I wanted to, I could ice my stomach before doing the injections, to numb the area.  Initially, I thought it was kinda stupid, I didn’t need to do that, etc.  But I still wasn’t really getting the hang of the injections after a few times, because apparently, sticking a needle in your skin still fucking hurts, no matter how many times you do it.  So today I did ice it for a minute, and the needle went in like nothing!  I will absolutely be doing this from now on.  Especially once I start stims, and/or running out of medicine and need to do multiple injections from multiple vials every day.  It’s a lifesaver!

Sorry for the grossness today, y’all.  These drugs aren’t the fun kind!  


20 thoughts on “Fun with Lupron, & potty talk

  1. Poop! I love to poop. This is my nightmare.

    Icing is the way to go. Some may find it a little unnecessary but I say it’s worth it, esp if I have to stick myself 3-4 times. I’ll fill my ice cube tray once a week for that.

  2. I used to be the same way! Then all hell broke loose and, long story short, I ended up with gastroparesis. Condition is mostly manageable now, with meds, but after dealing with IBS-D for so long, constipation is a total mystery for me. I take Senna a couple of times a month, when things get bad. I know you aren’t technically supposed to take it during pregnancy, but it’s a vegetable laxative for crying out loud. It’s super gentle, doesn’t cause cramping or, um, explosions. I dunno, maybe it’s something you can at least take for now? Something else that may help: FODMAPs. This is a special diet that is SUPER gut friendly. I follow it pretty religiously, and since my diagnosis of GP it has pretty much saved my life. Literally. I was so ill that I lost more than 20% of my body weight, and almost had to go on a feeding tube. There are lots of web resources, though the most research (and the origin of the low FODMAP diet) is from Australia. It seems strict at first, but for me it was totally worth it.

    • Oh my god! That sounds like a total nightmare. I’ve never even heard of that, but it must be very serious, and a hell of a lot worse than this minor constipation I’m dealing with. I’m glad you’re better now! Do you still technically have it, or is it something that kinda goes away once it’s under control?

      Isn’t constipation so much worse than the other way around? I’d MUCH rather be on the constant lookout for a bathroom than feel this bound up, I’m even starting to ache all over my body. It’s so different from what I’m used to! I took Dulcolax, I figured it doesn’t matter what I take since I’m not pregnant, yet. If I do get pregnant, and I continue to feel constipated, there’s no way I’m not going to at least take something like Senna. I cannot deal with this.

      I’ll check out that FODMAPs diet. I’ve tried a few things over the years, but I’ve never stuck with anything for long. I’ve cut out lactose, I’ve cut out gluten, but nothing ever seemed to help. Now we know what plugs me up…. Lupron.

      • I do still technically have it. It may resolve itself over time, or maybe not. Pregnancy might help, or it could make it worse. Something tells me it will help. I have improved a lot, and my docs all seem to think it’s just going to take more time. Like maybe another year? Yeah, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life, and I’ve been through some shit. BUT, it’s what finally gave me the courage to start trying for a baby, so I am grateful.

        Yes, FODMAPs is no gluten and no lactose, but it also limits fructose (have you ever been tested for fructose malabsorption?) and polyols and some other stuff. Fructose was a big game changer for me. Used to be that if I drank a glass of pear juice I’d be on the can for half an hour. Turns out that fruits with higher fructose than glucose can really mess you up (if you have a sensitivity). Apples and pears–not good. Berries, cantaloupe, and honeydew–good. Same with veggies (though that’s obvs not a fructose issue). I’d give it a shot once you are done with the Lupron! And in the meantime, get your Senna on!

  3. So sorry! I’ve been dealing with this all my life. I’m like an old man- every night, I have to take at least 4 fiber capsules or there will be hell to pay in exactly 2 days. I agree that Senna is awesome for an emergency situation- you should give it a try! And I tend to be better digestively if I don’t eat a lot of carbs.

    • Ahhh, that’s awful. I had a roommate in college who had to put Miralax into literally everything she ate, and she still only went to the bathroom about once a week. I’d die!
      I’ll definitely get some Senna. Last night I just grabbed Dulcolax since it was an emergency, and I’m not pregnant yet so I didn’t think it would matter. I’m so unfamiliar with laxatives! Usually I keep imodium on hand, but that’s about it.

  4. I was constipated for days during my first round of IVF meds. It was terrible; I looked like I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and I was so uncomfortable. I finally called my Dr’s office and asked if there was anything safe for me to take while waiting for my upcoming transfer. The nurse recommended Colace and said that it’s better to take a stool softener than a laxative. (I’m not really sure what the difference is but it must be important.) So I went out and bought a bottle of Colace for around $12, popped one pill, and things were moving again within an hour. I hope you get some relief soon!

    And thanks for the tip on icing before injecting. : )

    • I hear that. I feel so bloated. Within an hour? That’s fast! I bought a stool softener, so it’s nothing too harsh. This is really uncomfortable though. I hope that my body will adapt or I’ll be making Senna or Colace a regular part of my routine.

  5. Hey there! I’m just catching back up on your blog. I was away on vacation all week at the beach and decided to cut out electronics cold turkey! Glad to hear you have the injections down now. Tonight will be day 4 of Lupron injections for me and so far so good. I haven’t had any difficulty/pain with the shots (probably b/c I had done trigger shots before) and actually no side effects yet. My nurse did tell me that the #1 side effect of Lupron is constipation…#2 is hot flashes and/or headaches…and #3 is mood swings. Sorry you are experiencing #1! Hope your body is able to work itself out!!!

  6. Ice is the way to go! You will be grateful for it once follistim & especially menopur come along (if you are using those). Menopur is a devil spawn.

    Along the poop lines… My RE Recommended colace & my pharmacist said Docusate. These are effectively the same thing and are safe during pregnancy. I say stock up!

  7. I can kind of empathize with you–used to have the same problem but it was only 3-5 times a week. Dealt with that for about 10 years and could never truly pinpoint the cause just like yours (not classic IBS, not chrones/colitis, not an allergy, etc). For some fortuitous reason, it just disappeared after stopping birth control a year & half ago and I’m like a normal person now (i.e. dont know where the bathroom is in every grocery store/public place i ever visit). I hope that will happen for you and someday the symptoms just get better. The real reason I wanted to reply though other than ICLW is I was also a huge needlephobe and never thought I could handle doing IVF but now as I rest @ home after egg retrieval this morning, i feel its my civic duty to all IFs to sing the praises of a little OTC miracle called Dr. Numb. Bought it off Amazon, its a little expensive ($40) but soooooooo worth it I cant recommend it any higher. Just pop a little pea-sized dollop on your stomach/thigh about 60-90 min before the shot (yes, i set my alarm early in the morning and carried it out to dinner with me in the evening), cover the dollop with a bandaid, and then do your normal alcohol pad cleaning prep and I swear those little Sub-Q needles feel like NOTHING. I honestly dont think I could have gotten through this cycle without it. I even put it on my inner elbow before blood draws (only 30 min and it still worked). I also had an elaborate scheme set up Monday night to try to not feel the huge HCG shot in the butt and it worked too so let me know if you want the secret 😉 hint–it might involve Dr. Numb, ice, a benedryl, and bloody mary but dont tell my RE.

    • Haha I LOVE your solution! Sounds right up my alley. I never used to be a needlephobe, and I didn’t think I’d have trouble with the Sub-Q, but they fucking hurt! I can’t get used to it. So now I ice ice ice. I’ll definitely check out Dr. Numb. I keep forgetting the triggershot is in the butt. Wahhh!

      Isn’t IBS with no solution such a pain? I’ve quickly learned however that I’d rather have IBS-D, than be constipated all the time. Freaking Lupron.

      How’d your retrieval go?! I hope they got lots of mature healthy eggs to be fertilized! 🙂

      • ha, I’ll definitely take your word on it on the IBS-D preference 😉 Thanks for asking about today–the worst part was the IV because she did something wrong and ended up having to put it somewhere that hadn’t been Dr. Numbed in advance. Aargh! Now just home resting, feeling full of holes. Definitely some pain but just taking Advil & Tylenol. Anyone else loving the Dr’s orders to eat a high sodium diet?!
        So they got 17 eggs. I want to be happy about that but never know how many actually fertilize, grow strong, etc. Been reading CycleSistas blogs like a fiend trying to compare experiences. You are so brave for blogging what you’re going through, thank you for sharing and thanks to ALL of you out there blogging away — you deserve an extra boost of good karma.

      • Holy crap! Seventeen eggs sounds fantastic! My doc said they aim for about 6-12, so that’s great. I really hope they all do well with fertilization! I can’t wait to get to that part.

        Believe me, I’m not that brave, the main reason I’m blogging is so I won’t feel alone in this process, but thanks for saying that. We all deserve some good karma after putting ourselves through this process. Best of luck! Keep me posted. 🙂

      • keepin ya posted: only 6 out of those 17 fertilized normally because of poor egg quality (Dr said that’s typical of PCOS). as of this morning 3 were dividing normally, the other 3 were slow but not arrested. holy crap this is nerve wracking!! still crossing fingers we can do a day 5 transfer on monday. eeeek

      • I’ve got my fingers crossed for all 6 of them! This process is extremely nerve wracking and requires a level of patience I just don’t have. I know I’m going to be a mess after retrieval and especially after transfer. Right now I’m just biding my time until shit really hits the fan.
        Good luck for the (hopefully!) 5 day transfer! 🙂

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