In need of some positivity …

So I started Gonal-F on Friday at 225 IU, with LH solution at 10 units.  Had my first blood draw on Sunday morning.  Got a call from my RE, saying that “everything looked fine”, but we’d need to up my dosage to 300 IU.  I was slightly worried.  

This morning I had my second blood draw since stims.  I got a call from the IVF nurse in the afternoon, and she left me a voicemail saying that my dosage would need to be increased yet again, to 375 IU.  

I called her back a few hours later when I finally had time to get away at work, and spoke to her for a few minutes.  I realized we’d probably run out of our Gonal-F with this higher dosage, and wasn’t sure what to do.  Luckily she said she was able to get her hands on 5 more pens, and I can pick them up on Thursday at my ultrasound.  

So I then asked her, “What is going on?  Am I going to be on stims for longer that normal?”

She said, “Oh yeah.  You’re just not really responding to the drugs at all.  The doctor doesn’t want to bail on this cycle yet,  he seems to think if we increase the dosage for a few extra days it might help.”

UM.  WHAT?  

So I tried to remain calm and not start bawling immediately. (I did as soon as I hung up the phone.)  I’m so mad I didn’t get to talk to my RE.  When I finally got out of work and got a chance to call again, he’d already left the office. 

What the hell does this mean?  Clearly I’m not a very good responder, but what is this indicative of?  Is it hormonal, is it poor ovarian function?  I am so terrified right now.  This is our only option.  This has to work. 

If anyone has any insight or has had a similar experience, please let me know.  I’m gonna go hug my dog and stress-eat for the remainder of the evening.  


21 thoughts on “In need of some positivity …

  1. First, YAY for dog-hugging and stress eating. I approve.

    Secondly – I don’t think it necessarily means anything bad. It just means you need a bit more drugs than you thought (so did I…. It turned out not to be a big deal. The impression I left with was that it was a bit like when there are two girls and one gets drunk off of one beer and the other requires an entire bottle of vodka).

    Try not to worry yet!

    • HA! Thank you for putting it into terms I can understand. If only the nurse could have been so helpful.

      I really appreciate the encouraging words. I’m definitely not thrilled right now, but hopefully the doctor will be able to give me a little more information so I can calm down (slightly).

      Ay ay ayyy. This process is something else.

  2. One bright side is that they are monitoring you closely and they’re not letting things slip past.

    My doctor upped my initial dosage to 300 from 225, based on my estrogen levels taken on my last cd3… That freaked me out just a little bit, because I feel like I always respond to low dosages of medications, and oh no what could it mean… but all I can do right now is follow instructions and go day by day.

    • True! I suppose that’s good. And they wouldn’t have even said anything if I didn’t ask, so maybe the doctor isn’t as concerned as I am?

      Isn’t it all just so stressful? There’s SO many little things that have to work along the way.

      Best of luck to you!

  3. Ugh…I’m so sorry that you had to ask questions to get all the information. Regardless of it’s importance, it is your body and you should be kept in the loop on everything! Good for you for being your own advocate! I’m new to all of this so I don’t know what the dosage changes mean other than knowing everyone’s body is different and will require different dosages to get the same result. I like stork’s alcohol analogy…it really does make things so much clearer! 🙂 Sending you lots of hugs and positive thoughts!!! Cuddle up with your pup and indulge in ice cream! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! It’s really frustrating that they have the nurses make these important phone calls. I’m sure they’re so used to saying things like this to patients that it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’m panicking! When it’s a call like that, I think the doctor should do it, to be able to thoroughly answer all my questions.
      That’s exactly what I’m doing…. but substituting chocolate chip cookies for the ice cream. 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. As others stated, I don’t think it is a bad thing. In fact, I think it is good that they are changing it because at least you are looking at your data. My last stims cycle (for iui) they constantly kept me at the same dosage and we wound up having to cancel because I made 12 follicles! So hopefully the changes mean they are tailoring everything the best way possible for you!

    • No problem! I certainly hope it’s a good thing, as long as they can do something about it. That’s my biggest concern.
      That really sucks about having to cancel your IUI. I’m sorry. I’m hoping that won’t happen with this cycle.
      Thanks for the words of encouragement! 🙂

  5. Ugh, so sorry you don’t seem to be responding yet! I’m hoping you have better results than I did – I wasn’t responding to Menopur, so my doc upped my dosage and I just never responded. I’m a clear cut Premature Ovarian Failure patient, though, and we’re not typically stimulatable (yeah I can’t think of a better way to say that even though it’s not a word). Crossing my fingers for you!

    • Aww thank you. I hope something will work here. What kinds of testing did they do to diagnose POF? I’m not totally sure what blood work they’ve done for me. I know I had my AMH level tested, and it was fairly low, at 1.13. I don’t know if they’ve ever checked FSH, etc. It seems like that would be a standard thing to check before starting IVF, though. At least, I would think so!
      I’m just so worried we have another obstacle on our hands. Severe MFI seemed bad enough.
      Thanks for the positive words!

  6. I’d be freaking out too. I agree with some of the other commenters, though – I think each person just responds differently to different medications, so one person needing more or less of a certain drug doesn’t necessarily mean that the outcome will be bad. I hope you get good news soon!

  7. I think it’s amazing how little time we get wiht our actual RE. I mean, I hardly ever see my doctor! I wonder how the heck can he give me the best treatment if I’m just a mere file for him to look at every now and then. I have seen the nurse that I talk to regularly only once as well. Where do they all sit? and where are they every time I have an appointment!? I see the techs more than anyone else. it’s frustrating.

    • Ugh I know. Actually I’ve only had a couple scans but so far each time it’s been an RE. And my doctor does call me back when I want to talk to him but it’s just so hard to play phone tag with an in-demand doctor when I’m at work and can’t answer the phone!

  8. Oh no! Sorry your RE’s office isn’t being very helpful! I wish I could offer some insight but I haven’t experienced this particular issue (yet) since I’m pretty new to IVF. Thinking about you and hoping you get the answers you’re looking for…and some love from your doggy in the mean time. ; )

  9. This happened to my friend – and they did cancel her cycle. But they used what they learned from that to change her protocol for the next cycle, and she has an 18 month old from the cycle right after the cancelled one. AND – she’s expecting her second baby from IVF in November. AND she turns 40 in November.

    It’s probably going to be fine – if not this cycle, then the next one. It’s all a tweaking and learning experience. My first cycle failed because I responded too well to the drugs. The second one worked after they applied what they learned from the first one. It sucks to maybe have to wait longer, but it’s trial and error.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you! That really is helpful to hear. I should know it’s trial and error, but I was just so expectant that this would all work out. My scan went well today though, so we can continue this cycle, and hopefully my follicles will stay on track. Thanks again for the insight! 🙂

  10. I know I’m a few days behind the bus on this one…. I had my first cycle cancelled because of this same situation! My body ignored drugs and on Day 8, my estrogen was still below 50. Yuck. However, they changed my drug protocol for the next round and I grew 7 beautiful big fat follies! Sometimes other drugs will work better than others. It sounds like you are all good for now, but be reassured there are different options!

    • That’s so good to hear. I guess I’m one of those slow responders. I hope this cycle works, but I’m glad to know that if we have to do this again, they’ll know what to do right from the get go.

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