On we go!

Whoo hooooo!!!

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all you lovely ladies who wished me well, sent good vibes, and kept your fingers crossed.  It worked!

My scan went great!  I didn’t see my RE at my visit as they had a case this morning,  so I just met quickly with the ultrasound tech, and had my blood drawn.  As soon as she located my right ovary I could see the little bubbles and I let out a huge hypothetical sigh of relief.  There were follicles!  I could see them!  She counted 5 on the right.  One was only very slightly larger than the rest, and the other 4 appeared to be growing at the same rate, which she said was good.  I can’t remember the size, it was either 8-10, or 10-12 mm.  On the left, I had 2 larger ones (about the same size as the ones on the right) and a very small guy in between them.  I know that’s not a ton, but it’s better than nothing!

I left feeling much more confident than I had felt all week.  Even if they had to cancel the cycle, at least I knew I was somewhat stimulable, even if I’m not quick to respond to the drugs.

Later this afternoon I got the call from one of the IVF nurses with my instructions.  CONTINUE current dosages (375 IU Gonal-F) tonight and tomorrow, have blood draw on Saturday morning.  YES!

I asked her if things were looking better (obviously).  She said “Oh!  Dr wanted me to tell you, he is very encouraged by your blood work and the scan.”  Super!

Can I just tell you, that was probably the first phone call we’ve ever received from any of these IF docs, that was actual good news.  I didn’t know that could happen.

So, on we go.  I can’t wait to shoot up in a couple hours, since I know it’s working.  Although, I could definitely feel some ovarian action going on the last couple days, more so on the right, so I suspected SOMETHING was happening in there (even though my pesky blood work didn’t seem to reflect it.)

I know a lot of things still need to go right for the rest of the cycle, but for now, I’m feeling good.


28 thoughts on “On we go!

  1. This makes me very happy!!! YAY!! High five!!! Other than twinges and obviously being horribly stressed about the cycle being abandoned, you seem to not be suffering with too many side effects so far? X

    • Yayyyyy! I’m thrilled. You’re right, I really haven’t had that many side effects. Maybe mild hot flashes, but nothing more than “I’m a little hot, oh now I’m fine.” It’s been easy! I had a bad headache on Monday, but only due to lack of caffeine.
      I felt a little ickier in general (and constipated) when I was on the higher dose of Lupron, but now that that’s been cut in half, I’m good. The Gonal-F and LH are super easy. It’s almost your turn! 🙂

  2. Hi from ICLW! Congratulations on a successful and positive appointment!! You deserve to celebrate each of those no matter what the future looks like! Each positive step is such a success on its own! Looking forward to following you on your journey and hoping hard for your little miracle!

    • Thank you so much! I agree. We have so many lows in this process, so the occasional high should be celebrated.
      I’ll pop over to your blog and get all caught up with your story!

  3. That is great news! Not responding and being canceled is my biggest fear at the moment…I’m obviously afraid of just not having any of it work, but seeing how I’ll respond is like a big unknown for me. So glad to see you’re making progress!


    • Thanks! EEEK! I have no idea when retrieval might be, now that I’ve been moving a bit slower than anticipated. After my blood work tomorrow I should get more instructions. I hope they’re growing big and fat too! I’m definitely more aware of my ovaries than ever before, so I hope that’s a good thing! 🙂

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