Day 12 of stims….

Here we are at day 12!  My stomach is full of little red pin pricks, and I have a lovely ring of blue, green, and purple circular bruises surrounding my belly button.  It looks like a hideous tattoo.  

For other symptoms, I feel bloated, kinda tingly with occasional pangs in my ovaries.  Also, it’s hard for me to pee.  Does this have to do with retaining water? Anyone?

Today my scan went well.  My RE did it, as opposed to the technician, with a student present.  It’s always good to see him.  He’s like this cute old grandpa who regularly sticks things up my vajay.  

I still have 8 follicles, 5 on the right, 3 on the left.  They all range between about 16-20 mm.  My left ovary has all smaller ones between 16-17.  What’s up with that?  I’m left-handed.  Is this like a thing where if you’re left handed, your right foot (ovary) is bigger? No?  Okay. 

Tonight I continue on with my 12th round of stims (375 Gonal-F baby! Only extremely high doses for this girl.)  Tomorrow I’ll have another scan and more blood work, and it will mostly likely be my last scan.  Today my RE said Friday is probably retrieval, if not Thursday.  (But it would have to be Friday I think, or else they would have had to tell me to trigger tonight, right?)  

The other thing he said when we were discussing my slow response this cycle, is how we would change it for next time.  I brought it up, of course.  He said, “If there’s a next time, which there won’t be, cause this is going to work.”  Basically, I wouldn’t have to take the 21 days of birth control, and I’d start on these high doses.  Yay for a shorter protocol.  Let’s not waste time here!

I’ll keep ya posted.



16 thoughts on “Day 12 of stims….

  1. I’m on day 4 of stims and feeling body aches which is either thanks to gold ole’ lupron or I’m coming down with something.
    Here’s hoping for a trigger soon!!

  2. Sound like things are coming along just great! I’m sorry that you have been on stims for so long and at such a high dosage, but hey whatever works to get you nice and big follicles!!! If you have your retrieval on Friday we will be exactly 1 week apart! 🙂 Good luck tomorrow…hope those little follicles do some growing tonight!

  3. Very very exciting!! It sounds like you have a bit of OHSS maybe with the trouble peeing and the enlarged ovaries. If so, it will get worse after the shot and hopefully your RE will prescribe vicodin & zofran for nausea. I had a similar experience, slight ohss before shot then ended up on bed rest the week of transfer, which mysteriously went away at 4dp5dt — quite worrisome. i thought it meant a BFN for sure, but wont know til beta tomorrow so i’m staying hopeful. Good luck with the trigger shot — ice, vodka, and a benedryl are a magic combo for that monster!

    • Oh good luck tomorrow! How exciting! Have you tested yet? I’m already thinking about that, will I be able to wait to POAS til my beta (probably not).

      They haven’t said a word about if I’ll be prescribed any pain meds for before or after the procedure. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

      I’m so nervous about tonight! Only a few more hours. I think this one is intramuscular if it’s in my bottom right? Ouch. Maybe I’ll be hitting that bottle after all. 😉

      • eeek so happy for you that tonight is the night! Wanted to share with you something the nurse said when i went in for beta this am. I told her about the OHSS symptoms disappearing a week ago and she said that it doesn’t mean anything either way, and that “every patient of hers who had overstimulation — except one — ended up pregnant.” so, more anecdotal than scientific and we’ve all ready plenty of experiences both ways but its hopeful news. Rooting for you!

      • I don’t really think I had OHSS. It was just relatively uncomfortable. For OHSS don’t you produce like tons of follicles too? I only have 8, so I don’t think I’d make the cut, haha.

        I really hope your beta went well! Fingers crossed!!!!!

  4. My guess is you have smaller follicles on one side and larger follicles on the other side because women typically alternate which side they ovulate from. You probably already know this, but during a normal cycle, you would ovulate on your right side one month, then your left side the following month. I’m guessing the side with the larger follicles is the side that would have produced an egg this month had you not been on fertility medication. But I’m no doctor…this is just something that I think I’ve observed for myself during my own cycles. I could be totally wrong.

    • That’s a good theory. I never thought of that. I’m curious to see if we have to do this again if I’ll have a lot more follicles on both sides since we’d start at higher dosages. My RE said I definitely would. But I’m really hoping this cycle works and I don’t need to worry about that. We’ll see!

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