Retrieval Day!

I just got home, pigged out on some delicious breakfast sandwiches and decaf coffee with the husband, and I’m feeling good.  But that might be the Lortab talking.  

Everything went smoothly!  The nap was awesome, don’t remember a thing.  My husband said when I was still knocked out the RE came in and told him they only got 5 of the eggs, but they were still checking.  By the time I came to, he told us they had gotten all 8!  YES!  Best possible outcome, since I only had 8 follicles on the ultrasounds all week. 

I’m gonna relax for the rest of the day, and will hear from the other RE tomorrow with my fertilization report.  I really hope that most, if not all, will start turning into cute little embryos!  I’ll keep you posted when I hear! 

Finally, I want to thank you all so much for the well wishes, and positive thoughts.  Your presence has made this process so much easier, and I can’t imagine doing it without the support of this lovely blogging community.  Now let’s all keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow!  


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