Transfer day!

Today was my transfer!  I popped awake at 6 am, after having a weird transfer-related dream.  I felt like a kid on Christmas, way too psyched to sleep.  So I sat and played Scramble with Friends for about 30 minutes (whoever plays, hit me up, I’ll find you!) until my husband woke up.

When we got to the office the RE said we still had 2 high quality, normally growing 4-celled embryos.  They’re so littttle!   Apparently our 3rd embryo stopped growing, but he wasn’t planning on using that one anyway.  The valium made me feel a bit loopy, and I definitely had the urge to empty my bladder, but overall everything was fine.  It was pretty damn cool to see the embryos go in.  We could see 2 tiny little white bubbles at the top of my uterus, where hopefully they’ll continue to do their thing and grow!

He didn’t have to see any patients after me so I got to ask all my questions.  We discussed blastocysts, and 2 vs 3 vs 5 day transfers.  What it comes down to was this 2-day transfer will give us the highest rate of success.  And it made me feel much better.

I’m feeling very hopeful!  I have attached pictures of our future children.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you embryos #2 and #6!


32 thoughts on “Transfer day!

      • I feel alright, although I’ve had the worst gas pain and bloating since the retrieval, and it doesn’t seem to be going away! Ugh, not fun. I’ve been trying to drink gatorade, an eat high sodium/potassium foods like they say to do for OHSS, but it’s not helping. That’s my only symptom. I’m a bit nervous of course! The dr said I can come in for my beta Friday the 14th. Eek!

      • This tip may change your life… Lay on your bed on your front. Wedge as many pillows as you can get your hands on under your stomach, stick your butt in the air and your face as low to the bed as possible, and let all that gas rise to the surface!!! Very ladylike!

      • Girl, you’re preaching to the choir! I already am very familiar with that technique, and it’s not doing squat! And as of today I’m bound up again. It’s like my lupron days all over again. I took some colace to help things along, but I cannot believe how relentless this bloating is. I hope it’s not as bad for you when you get to this stage!

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