Ohhh my god you guys…

I have NEVER been so uncomfortable in my ENTIRE LIFE.  

This all started on Friday after egg retrieval.  I had such painful gas and bloating that I was getting really sharp pains, and almost was in tears a couple times.  I thought it would go away, at least by the next day.   Well it’s now 3 days later and it has not relented.  I have such bad gas pressure and bloating, I look like I’m about 4 months pregnant.  My husband tells me I look fine, but I know better.  No matter what I do, it hurts.  When I’m laying down it kind of helps, but as soon as I stand up, I feel it again.  

Now, 1dp2dt, I’m bound up again, on top of all that.  I don’t know how I’m going to go back to work tomorrow.  This is like a constant thing.  And I highly doubt that any of my pants are going to button.  I’ve been trying to eat high sodium/potassium foods, and I drank gatorade all day on Saturday for some electrolytes, like they recommend for people with OHSS, but it didn’t help much.  

Any other tips?  This is kind of a nightmare.  Is this really common after retrieval and ET?  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  

On another note, I survived day 0, and I’m at day 1dp2dt.  I cannot believe how much longer I still have to wait to be able to test.  I also can’t believe that 2 embryos are just floating around in the top of my uterus.  I hope they’re still kicking, and have grown at least to 8-cells since yesterday.  Hopefully tomorrow or the next day they will start implanting.  

This is so fucking nerve wracking.  I’m so worried about #2 and 6.  Like, did they even survive being moved from the catheter into my uterus?  I have no idea.  I know it’s a better environment for them, but I can’t help but worry about all of it.  I’ve already shed a few tears today, although I feel like my depressed mood has a lot to do with my constant stomach issues.  

Sorry for all the bitching.  I’ve been complaining enough to my poor husband, I thought I’d vent to the blogosphere. 

Enjoy your Labor Day!


25 thoughts on “Ohhh my god you guys…

  1. Nooooo! There needs to be a dislike button for this. Are you on progesterone? My acupuncturist told me that it is baaaad for blocking you up. She suggested drinking tonnes of water & eating a very high fibre diet throughout the 2ww to help with that. I have no idea if this is normal or not but I hope someone else can help to answer that & I really hope that you get more comfortable soon. X

    • Thanks! This is missserable. Oh yes, I’m on Endometrin suppositories 3x a day. I have no idea if that is contributing to this or not, because I did have the gas pain before I started taking it. I’ve been drinking lots of water! I’ll try the fiber. And I took my best friend Colace today to try to move things along before I have to work tomorrow. I better wear my fat girl pants this week!

    • It’s not like a severe pain, just constant discomfort and pressure. The sharp pains are infrequent. I can pee but it’s been a little hard to get that going since stims. I’m surprised that I’m experiencing OHSS symptoms since I wasn’t the greatest responder, and only had 8 follicles. Although I was on very high doses for a long time so that might be it.

  2. This happened to me with my first retrieval, and it was unpleasant, to say the least. I had diaphram spasms as well causing me to feel like I couldn’t breathe. We went to the ER and there was nothing they could do for me. I would say that what you’re experiencing is normal for someone with a touch of OHSS. I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do – my RE told me that my case wasn’t severe enough to intervene and that it would resolve itself on its own – and it did. It took a few days. Hang in there!

    • That’s kinda what I figured. I can tell it’s nothing severe, just very uncomfortable. I’m hoping it will resolve in the next few days. If not, I might call my RE to see what they say. Thanks!!!

    • It’s not super painful, just very uncomfortable. I can tell the pain that I do experience is really just gas pain. They didn’t give me anything to take. It’s not like I really hyperstimulated, it was kinda the opposite, but maybe those high doses and the duration I stimmed caught up with me. I might call in a few days if it doesn’t improve. Ay ay ayy.

  3. I would call and talk to your RE about your symptoms. They sound pretty painful. Also, if your RE approves it, I suggest taking Colace for constipation and / or Gas-X for gas. They both have really helped me. Hope you feel better soon!

    • As far as the Colace, I’m already on it! I might call the RE to see if they have any other suggestions. Gas-X has never done much for me in the past but maybe I’ll give it another go.

  4. Ugh! I am SO sorry to hear you are in pain/constant discomfort right now. I agree with everyone else. It’s better to call your RE and she tell you it’s nothing to worry about than to not call and find out 1) it is something more serious or 2) She could have told you how to at least be more comfortable in the meantime.

      • I don’t feel much of anything actually. I have a slightly full feeling in my uterus, my boobs are slightly tender, and I seem to be a bit more tired than usual. I’m still bloated from all the pricks to my tummy, but that has gone down a bit. Hope the RE just confirms what you already think is happening…and hope you feel better soon! Don’t be afraid to take an extra day off from work if you need to…make sure you take care of yourself first!!!

    • Bloat-athon?! Is THAT what we signed up for? Ha, no wonder! Ten pounds?! Holy….. Yeah, this really sucks. I just called my husband and said not to come home unless he has large quantities of gatorade. I did drink it Saturday, the day after my retrieval, and I felt slightly better than I do now. Thanks for the tips! I’ll pop over to your blog and get all caught up 🙂

    • Thanks dear! The gas/pain has subsided, and now I’m just dealing with constipation. Which is no fun, but a lot more manageable. Thanks for the well wishes! I’m hope they’re sticking around too!

  5. Aw I am so sorry for your discomfort & totally feel your pain! In addition to what your doc said, mine also said to sleep on a slight incline, take vicodin whenever needed & that it was safe, and to stay in bed as much as possible–not even yoga or walking til the OHSS goes away. I looked 5 months pregnant, had serious weight gain, unexpectedly had to stay home from work for that whole week… and then it just went away at 3dp5dt. thought for sure that was a bad sign, that i wasnt pregnant because the HCG from a pregnancy would make it worse… but it was BFP! and the OHSS symptoms are still gone, now at what might be 4w6d (hopefully, bloodwork not in yet from this am). hang in there, and if possible, enjoy the excuse to stay in bed or on the couch and watch all the guilty pleasure TV you want. there is good reason to be hopeful!!

    • Ahhhh congrats!!!!! How exciting!!! Good luck on your blood work, let me know how that goes.
      My OHSS symptoms have faded, and now I just have constipation from I *think* the Endometrin. So I’m still pretty miserable. 😉
      So what were your symptoms? Did you have cramping or implantation bleeding or anything?

  6. Hi there.
    I’m frantically researching this very topic. I’m now five days post retrieval. I know it was a few years ago for you but please please tell me what helped? I’m in pain here and everyone keeps telling me to take gasx and ride it out. I’m so uncomfortable.
    Please email me if you found ANYthing that helped!!!!

    • Hi there! Unfortunately it was awhile ago so my memory is a bit foggy but I don’t think much helped, it was just a very uncomfortable 3-4 days. I’d call your doctor for suggestions, and definitely call if you’re in any severe pain in case it’s OHSS. Good luck!

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