Hola dear readers.  

I’m very happy to say that my mild, yet extremely uncomfortable likely case of OHSS has subsided.  However,  I’m still a raging lunatic because (warning: most of this entry is gross) I haven’t pooped in TWO DAYS.  AAAAAAAAH. 

For those of you who are familiar with my bowel habits (hehe) I tend to go frequently. Or, I used to, until IVF drugs came along and wreaked havoc on all of my major body systems.  I’ve had IBS for about a decade, so this constipation is a completely foreign, completely miserable nightmare to me.  

I am blaming Endometrin.  The stuff SUCKS.  Being the cause of my constipation is one of just many reasons the stuff sucks.  Another reason, as Stupid Stork warned me long ago, it’s gross.  It truly does leave some freaky looking shit behind.  Also, it’s unreliable.  Today, I found that the entire damned half-dissolved tablet had fallen out.  That is NOT good.  There is no way I absorbed enough progesterone today.  I’m almost starting to wish I’d just gone for the PIO, but that needle gives me nightmares.  

I took 3 Colace yesterday and expected good things this morning.  NOTHING.  So, on the way home from work today I bought Metamucil and Senokot and will be adding them to my arsenal.  

Let me also tell you this tidbit of ridiculousness… Despite knowing better, I think I’m subconsciously afraid to go to the bathroom.  Like if I push too hard, the embryos will fall out.  I know.  I know.  But please, if you wouldn’t mind reassuring me that that is completely off-base, I’d appreciate it. 

I hope the babies are still surviving in this tortured abdomen of mine.  I’m almost starting to think it would be impossible.  But they just might be.  We’ll see.  No symptoms to speak of yet, of course.  It’s still too early.  I’m hoping in the next few days I might start to experience some twinges, etc, so that I can start to jump to conclusions and drive myself crazy. 

Until next time. 



13 thoughts on “2dp2dt

  1. hahaha! Welcome to the disgusting and awful crazy-train which is endometrin… seems so harmless, as it’s not a pill after all.. But NO. SO. GROSS.

    You cannot poop those children out. Can’t do it. I came home from my transfer, already horrendously constipated, and had the pushing-moment of the century. Still ended up implanting.

  2. I totally get how you are feeling. After my transfer I was really crampy and was convinced I would contract the embryo out. Thankfully some of my blog friends were nice enough to point out that there was no way that was happening. Although my cycle didn’t work, I did have a beta of 5, which my doctor thinks means there was at least some implantation. Therefore I am pretty sure I didn’t contract out the embryo the day of the transfer. Hope this helps…try to stay sane!

    • I’m sorry that cycle didn’t work for you. But that is helpful to hear. I’m really trying to stay sane over here, but it would help to get a little GI relief. Fingers crossed for my intestines and my embryos!

  3. Ha! My progesterone goo is so thick on my underwear I could use it to scratch out notes to myself. First note to self: buy pantyliners..,,

    You can’t push them out, I swear!

    I didn’t poop for 12 days, even with gentle laxatives, RE suggested gentle enema after my beta came back negative. Best shit of my life!

    • Are you f-ing KIDDING me? TWELVE days?! If I go even a few more with no movement I’m checking myself into the hospital. How did you live through that? Seriously I’ll die.

      This progesterone is apparently our worst enemy. I have a stockpile of pads and liners over here, overnight, extra long, etc. Doesn’t always help though, as you know, the stuff goes whereeever it wants to go.

    • PS- When you say gentle laxatives, which ones did you take? I took Senokot tonight, and then I made the mistake of googling “Senokot safe during pregnancy?”, and have freaked myself out that I shouldn’t have taken it, as people on various message boards say it can cause uterine contractions. If a laxative prevents my embryos from implanting I’ll be fucking pissed! Ha. I asked the IVF nurse today if I could take it and she said sure. So what did you try?

      • Heya- I took Care One Gentle Laxative for women. It may just be a Canadian brand?

        But what actually helped me was a gentle enema after I got my negative beta. I bought a kit. It’s old school, looks like a torture device. $6 bucks. It doubles as a douche bag. (Nowadays it feels weird to say douche bag and not be talking about a co-worker). My RE said to only use luke warm water and to do it slowly.

        I felt soooooooo much better after.

        12 days is just wrong, but it happened kind of organically! I was like you, worried it would hurt a pregnancy and laxatives didn’t really work for me. So I kept taking them and the days stretched out and then bam suddenly I hadn’t crapped for 12 days.

        I REALLY hope the laxative works for you.

  4. Nothing in the IF blogosphere has grossed me out yet. You’ve got to try harder than not pooping for two days! 😉 I think for my first fresh IVF cycle, I was so constipated from the Lupron and my ginormous follicles (one measured close to 30 mm. or is it cm? I can’t remember the units of measure at the moment) that I did not poo for about 5 days. I finally called my RE’s office to tell them my problem and ask if there was anything safe for me to take. The nurse recommended Colace. I took one pill, and within about one hour, things were moving again. I have never felt such relief. I texted my sister and said (jokingly – sort of) that I have been taking pooping for granted all of these years!

  5. Hey, so sorry that it’s still playing havoc with your body. I hope that you get some respite soon. I also agree that pooing out babies is unlikely! X

  6. I promise you will NOT poop out your embyros 🙂 And I already have Colace on hand for myself- while I’ve still been able to go, it isn’t much and it isn’t super comfortable. But since the package claims a BM in 12-72 hours, I didn’t want to risk taking one last night and finding myself covered in poo on the retrieval table. What a nightmare THAT would be!!

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