So here we are.  The days are slowly moving along.  I did keep busy tonight, so that was helpful.  After work I cleaned my house from top to bottom, because 3 friends from high school are crashing here tomorrow night.  I even squeezed in a sunset boat ride with my husband and father-in-law.  I love boats.

I’m officially on symptom-watch.  I realize it’s still probably too early for implantation, but that won’t stop me.  All day I was experiencing little twinges and sharp pangs, some low and to the left, but mostly on the right side.  When I showed my husband where the pain was coming from he pointed out, ‘Wouldn’t that be your ovary?’  Hmmm.  Why is he right?  And why does he know my body and symptoms better than I do?

I guess whenever I get pain down there, I attribute it to whatever period-related symptom I should be having at the time.  But I can’t really localize which organ it’s coming from.  Obviously the smack dab in the center ones are the uterus, but how far to the sides can they go?  I don’t know.  I still hope it’s the far right side of my uterine wall being penetrated by tiny little embryos 2 and/or 6, but seriously I doubt it.

That’s about it for symptoms.  I’ve kinda mastered Endometrin.  Not that you’re really ever in control of this strange beast, but the trick is it needs to go as far as it can possibly go.  Towards the end of it’s shift, the remnants will start to pour out (no matter how hard you will it not to), in such a bizarre and sudden fashion, it’s like a warm stream of water coming from no where into your undies.  ‘Cept it’s not water.

I’ve had an unopened box of OPKs sitting on my dresser for a few weeks.  I don’t know why it’s there, those things are useless to me.  However, last night I noticed there’s 1 HPT included in the box.  Hmm.  It piqued my interest a bit.  I’m too realistic to even waste the test at this point, but maybe by early next week.  It’ll still be too early, but I might have to do it just because.  We shall see.

I’ll have to go stock up on HPTs this weekend.  Can you believe that I have one lonely test stick in my house (that I didn’t even know I had)?  When you’re infertile and pre-treatment, you don’t need no stinking pregnancy tests.


10 thoughts on “4dp2dt

  1. Right there with you! I’ve been symptom checking all day no matter how hard I try to forget about it. I’ve been feeling crampy like you described (and I read on Dr. Google that implantations can happen at 6dpo), gassy, constipated, sensitive nipples, and hungry all the time. I’m sure I’m reading into all this but that stupid little thing called hope is starting to sink in.

    • I think hope is not such a bad thing to have. I was more skeptical in the beginning of the week, but as time passes, and I feel more pangs, I’m like, this COULD work. It’s still the closest we’ve ever gotten.

  2. I felt twinges, pinches, bloating, awfulness, sore boobs, constipation, weird bouts of hunger, weird bouts of poop.. All of it. You’re in the grand finale of fertility drugs – where all the symptoms you’ve ever had come back on stage for one last jig of glittered and feathered glee. Be hopeful! It could all be a very, very good sign.

    • I keep reminding myself that everything I’m experiencing could be attributed to those wacky drugs. But I really hope this works. I reallllllly hope so. I’m feeling okay right now, but as I get closer to being able to test I’m feeling the nerves set in.

  3. I’m really glad that you’re managing to distract yourself. If my in laws had a boat I would see them do much more often. Next time they complain that they never see us I shall say “get a boat”. This morning my boobs are enormous & I feel sick. I haven’t had an embryo put back in yet haha!

    • Oh yes. My boobs have looked like implants for days. I keep shoving them in my husband’s face. He doesn’t mind.

      I tell you, boats are the best. They bring everyone together! Although, I’m finding there might be such thing as too much time with the in-laws, haha.

      • My husband has had 3 pints of beer after a year of basically not drinking. I went out tonight in a low cut top & a good bra. If he gropes them one more time i’m going to headbutt him! It hurts so much! His other favourite trick is slapping my ass straight after I pop a suppository up there! Grrr!

  4. I hadn’t bought any HPTs in YEARS until about two weeks ago when I wasn’t feeling well for a few days. I even dreamt that night that I wasn’t feeling well because I was miraculously pregnant, even though I was between cycles and on BCPs. A girl can still hope! But alas, the test was negative.

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