A Weird Little Glimpse Into My Marriage, and 8dp2dt

Happy Monday Ladies.

I’m gonna share a little info on my dear husband and marriage, whether you like it or not. 


My Husband

– He is the most loyal and genuinely nice guy I’ve ever met.  He is ALWAYS going to do the right thing.  No matter what.   His close friends from high school refer to him as their ‘moral compass’.  Like, “Should we graffiti the high school as our senior prank?  Hmmm, let’s ask (husband), our moral compass.”  He is far better a person I could ever be, and I truly hope my kids take after him in that regard. 

– He will not drink water.  Not if his life depended on it.  Well, maybe if his life depended on it.  But for the most part, his body is composed of muscles, organs, and milk. 

– He is a smarty pants.  And I think it’s the sexiest thing in the world.  A real math, physics, engineering, and business nerd.  When I met him, I had a massive crush on him, but when our mutual friend told me of all his brainy credentials, I was sold.  I had to make him mine.  

– He ran a marathon the year we met, so now he thinks he never has to go for a run again.  He’s retired.  


Our Marriage

– We say like really weird things, almost our own language/baby talk, although most of this language comes from my family.  I love that he quickly caught on to all of our idiosyncrasies, and started to use them too, despite how weird they all are.  For example, “ay yah you” (I love you), boodada (you’re beautiful), “cheebooboo yaya” (cheeseburger and french fries. Yeah, we don’t use that one as much.)  

– We love the same kind of music, which is huge.  For example, he loves the Beatles, and I could say the names of all the Beatles when I was 2 years old (Thanks, Dad), so thank god for that.  I don’t think I could even respect a guy with shitty taste in music. 

– We are both extremely stubborn, which can be challenging, but is sometimes amusing.  While neither of us ever wants to budge in a fight, we recognize how funny it is that neither of us will budge, and then usually we forget about it.  

– We are both language/word game nerds, and I love it. We especially love to play as a team, and tend to embarrass our friends at game nights.  We are very proud of this fact.  

– There are no secrets here.  We let it all hang out.  Within weeks of just dating, I let him see me with my mustache bleach on before we went out.  I probably burp and fart as much, or more than he does, and he still thinks I’m beautiful (I think…)

-He is a giant, and I’m short, and he regularly scoops me up and walks me around the kitchen and/or living room, just so I can see what it’s like to be his height.  

– He makes sure we always kiss each other good night.  No matter if I’m annoyed, or sleeping on my side and am too lazy/comfortable to want to turn around to face him, he demands it.  And I love him for that.



I’m stupid.  The other day I thought I had mild brown spotting.  Which I might have.  But today I realized that it kinda hurts when I insert the Endometrin, and then I had pinkish discharge today.  I think I scratched my vag with the freaking applicator.  I’m serious.  I could be wrong, but I think that’s what’s going on.  I’m gonna be extremely careful from here on out and see what happens.  I’ve still had mild cramping, but nothing too crazy.  Yesterday I peed on a digital HPT, and it was negative, obviously.  I know it’s still too early.  I’ll test Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (beta day).  It certainly would be COOL if it was positive!


9 thoughts on “A Weird Little Glimpse Into My Marriage, and 8dp2dt

  1. Yesssss! I, much like your husband, would not drink water unless it were a state of emergency. (why would I drink something that is otherwise just something I pee in?)

    And YAY for freakishly smart husbands. YAY. Mine is an insane genius.

    PINKISH, btw, is very very good. I was technically pregnant, and crayola-pink was the only truly strange, mystifying sign that could not be attributed to anything else.

  2. I will never understand those who don’t like water. I loooooove water! It’s the only thing I drink!

    Pinkish is still good! It could still be your little embaby settling in. I’m testing on Thursday! The cramps have returned for me but they’re very mild! I’m hoping it’s a good sign but who knows! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. He sounds a lot like mine! Especially the milk thing. He gets through about 4 pints a day! I can’t believe it’s nearly testing time for you. I have no idea when I’ll start but it won’t be this week.

    • I tested this morning. It was positive. WHAT? Now what do I do? lol. I’m worried my trigger shot is floating around still giving my a false reading, but that doesn’t seem likely right?

  4. I just came across your blog and you and your husband sound adorable together!! I also read ahead to your next post and wanted to say congrats!!! I would call the RE and let them know; they might let you come in early for the beta.

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