10dp2dt – I tested

I tested on a FRER this morning.  It was my second urine of the day because at 6 I woke up, and tinkled quickly in a daze, and went back to sleep for an hour.  At 7, after my shower, I said fuck it, I’m testing.  My husband said to wait til tomorrow, so I said OK!  And when he left the room, I peed.  

It was positive.  That second line was there, right away.  I watched and I could not believe it.   

Ok, so, now that that’s out of my system, I’m wondering what to do, and of course assuming the worst (Thanks IF!).  I took a digital HPT the other day that read negative, on Sunday, which was 7dp2dt.  I just want to make sure there’s no way my trigger shot could still be floating around in my system.  

Should I call the doc?  Of course I know that my beta is going to be the most important thing determining the health of this, if this is real.  (I can’t even say the word).  

Any thoughts or suggestions?  Maybe I can come in for my beta early?  I’d really like that. 


34 thoughts on “10dp2dt – I tested


    I’m freaking out for you!!! With happiness. Congrats girl.

    I’d call your RE too, they let me do my beta early by 2 days because really, all they want to see is healthy doubling, so it doesn’t matter when the test occurs if you’re definitely pg.

    SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you.

    Happy dance!

    • Thanks! I was already scheduled to go in kinda early, on 12dp2dt, so they want to just keep it that way.
      Of course, I’ve now peed on 2 sticks and I’m freaking out that the EPT one barely had a line, but my FRER still does. Ugh. This wait sucks!

      • I know right? It’s just wait, wait and more wait!

        And it does not make me more patient. It makes me IRATE.

        I think your pg but some of those tests are sensitive than other so it’s hard to take them seriously.

        I cannot wait to hear your first beta #’s.

  2. Congratulations! I absolutely love reading IF posts with positive pregnancy tests!

    If it were me, I would wait and test again tomorrow before calling my RE. But then again, I’m never tempted to test early because I think I know my body well enough to know before my beta if I’m pregnant or not. And so far, I’ve been 100% accurate.

    Good luck with your decision!

  3. My original reply to your other post failed to submit. That might be to do with the amount of curse words and exclamation marks. Here is the clean version: OMF’ingG I am so f’ing happy for you. If you got a BFN already it surely can’t be the trigger? Can’t wait for tomorrow so you can test again and see if the line gets darker! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Congratulations!!! X

    • HIIIIII. Thanks! Who knows, I hope it’s right. Although I ran out and grabbed 2 more boxes of tests to take, just to be sure, and the EPT one barely had a line. Ugh. The First Response still had a very visible line. Wtf? Waiting sucksss.

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