Updates 10dp2dt (now w/ picture)

So I spoke with an IVF nurse today, and she said we will just keep my beta for Friday, as originally planned.  That’s fine, since that’s relatively early to begin with.

I ran out and grabbed a few different kinds of pregnancy tests after work, because now I officially want to pee on everything.  I peed on an EPT, and it’s BARELY positive, maybe. I mean you have to squint to see the line.  My husband’s not convinced there’s even a line there at all.  Freaking out, I peed on another FRER, and it was positive right away again.

Has anyone ever noticed that some test brands don’t work quite as well as others?  I am currently suuuper worried that maybe the FRER are just really sensitive, and are picking up on some straggling HCG from my trigger shot.  Either that or the EPT’s are a lot less sensitive, and/or suck.  Wtf.

So here’s what I’ve been staring at.  The top FRER is from 7am today.  The stupid EPT is from about 4pm.  And the bottom FRER is from 4pm also.

Notice how the FRERs are clearly positive, and the EPT isn’t.  If you SQUINTTTT, and look at it super hard, you can barely see a shadow of a line, particularly in the bottom half of the circle.  I wish I hadn’t even bought that brand because now I’m much more worried than I was before.


26 thoughts on “Updates 10dp2dt (now w/ picture)

  1. I think I read somewhere a while ago that FRER has a sensitivity of 6.3 (making it the most sensitive out of most HPTs) while most other tests take 25 or more to give a positive. I think if the EPT is showing a line, then you should be okay. It must just need more to give a clear positive. Just keep testing and the EPT should get darker!

  2. You’re pregnant!

    FRER’s are more sensitive, so that explains why it’s so positive and the other is faint. The FRER is the cadillac of HPT’s because they’re so accurate.



    • You’ve put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you for the reassurance! Of course I’m like could the sensitivity of the FRER be picking up on my trigger shot? But that was 2 weeks ago, so hopefully no. It’s 12 DPO, that’s not too early to test, I don’t think!?

      Again, thank you. I have everything crossed that this is the real deal.

    • Yay!!!!!! Thank you. Blue dyes suck! My best friend has been preg a few times, and she swears she never could get a positive on an EPT, but the FRERs never let her down. Fingies crossed!

  3. I only buy the digital tests now because there is too much left to interpretation with the other tests. They are a bit more expensive but well worth it IMO because I don’t feel like I have to keep retesting.

    But I can totally see the line on the EPT pic you posted!

  4. I have never gotten far enough to POAS – AF always ruins my party! How awesome to see your tests – I, too, can see that beautiful little blue line!! Congrats!!

  5. Wow, that looks super positive! I just logged on to see how your IVF went, and I am so, so excited to see that it worked! I’m very, very happy for you!!! This gives me hope as I go into my first medicated IUI this month. I’m already worried that they won’t work, but seeing the results of your IVF gives me hope that something will eventually work.

    Hugs all around!! I am thrilled for you!

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