11dp2dt- Beta tomorrow

Oh boy.  So after last night’s worry over those stupid EPT’s, I did NOT get a good night’s sleep.  I woke up at about 3:30am, and due to excitement and nerves, couldn’t fall back asleep until about 5:30.  In that time I peed on another EPT, and played about 7 rounds of Scramble with friends.  I swear I see that game when I close my eyes.  It’s burned into my brain.

The EPT was clearly positive this time.  I still hate the blue dye tests now compared to FRER’s pink, but seeing the + sign on that one was very reassuring.

So there’s always gotta be something stressing me out, and my current worry is my spotting.  I tried to explain it to my best friend via text earlier and it scared the shit out of her, and then her reaction scared me almost into tears.  I definitely explained it badly to her.  I told her I was having a lot of spotting every time I wipe.  Really, it looks like a lot because of the Endometrin goop.  It’s a light pinkish brown beige color for the most part.  But when the meds are making their slow, nasty exit, it looks like A LOT, albeit probably not a lot of actual blood.  It’s not bright red blood or anything.  Sometimes it’s a watery bright pink, but it’s very watered down.

It’s not even constant.  It seems to be the worst during the Endometrin purge.  It just scared me because this is new in the last couple days.  Before this my Endometrin mess was just white.

I tried to call the doc a little bit ago just for some reassurance, but their answering service was down.  I can never call during work hours because my iPhone is a piece of shit and the mic rarely works, so they call me back, can’t hear me, and hang up.  (The 5 cannot come out soon enough!)  I think I’ll ask to see a nurse or doc when I’m there for my blood work tomorrow to ask about it.

I need to RELAX.  I am going to try to stay positive tonight.  Worrying bad, calm good.

Here’s my new collection of pee sticks:


14 thoughts on “11dp2dt- Beta tomorrow

  1. Good luck with the beta tomorrow! I’m sure it will go splendidly! Those lines are so bright and clear! I’m thinking twins maybe?! 😉

  2. Be calm! OF COURSE it’s going to look like waaaay more blood than it actually is because of the freaking endometrin. Let me see if I can conjure up a disgusting metaphor… Ahhh yes, here we go. If I had a cup of plain yogurt, and added a miniscule DROP of pink dye, and mixed it around (as your uterus is doing) what I would end up with is a heap of pink yogurt.

  3. YAY! They are sooooooooo dark!! I’m soooo excited! YAY! It’s funny how everything makes us worry. Only yesterday I was wishing I’d had some spotting so I could get excited but then I thought about it and thought i’d just think I was about to come on. IF has made us messed up worriers!

      • Sending you bucketloads of positivity & hoping for the sky high beta that you deserve. Wishing I’d never wished for spotting, although mine is very slight now and still brown. X

  4. How’re you doing today Gal?

    Looking forward to seeing those beta results. So funny how our dates and timelines are so similar, including the dreaded spotting. if we continue to have the same symptoms the next to “look forward to” is a lot of cramping. My cramping happens at night, starting around 4 pm– I freaked out about it for the first two days and now since it seems to happen like clock work I think it may be due to a hormonal cycle… so if you get cramping just know that’s normal, too.

    Alright, I’ll check back later for beta results. Hang in there 🙂

    • Hanging in there! Beta was 155! Phew, sigh of relief, but I DO wish this spotting would cut it out. It’s still coming and going a little bit throughout the day. Very watered down pinkish red or light brown at this point. The nurse said irritation from the Endometrin could be contributing to that so that’s what I’m gonna keep telling myself for awhile. Time to blog!

      • 155– okay this is getting funnier and funnier, my 1st beta was…. 160! We’re so close to each in symptoms and everything. Too funny!

        I am so glad you got some peace of mind. I know how our minds can go to dark and scary places (mine sure does). But we’ll pull through with healthy babies.

      • Haha I know. So many similarities! I’ve already been getting some of that cramping you mentioned. Keep me posted with everything so I know what’s coming next! 😉
        I’m happy with yesterday and staying optimistic from here on out!

  5. Many, many people spot. I’m sure you’re fine, but I know it’s scary. On a happy note though, your HPT’s look beautiful!!!

    I’m excited for your beta. I think it’s going ot make you feel really reassured!

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