12dp2dt- Beta Day

Today was the day.  I woke up, tried to keep it together after last night’s massive spotting scare, and went in to the docs.  

I know I wrote about my spotting in the early evening, but as the night went on it got worse for a couple hours, it was bright pinkish red, almost watered down blood.  It terrified me.  It still worries me, and I’ve been having a little bit of it on and off today. 

My beta was 155 at 12dp2dt!  I think that’s pretty normal, not suuuper high to guarantee multiples or anything, from what I know.  If anyone has any insight feel free to comment.

I was very relieved to hear the news, and it was fun to hear the “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” from the nurse. It was surreal, hearing someone refer to me as pregnant.  I still have my concerns, obviously.  I told her about the spotting, and she said it could be perfectly fine, and unless it becomes heavy red blood, try not to worry.  So that’s what I’m doing.  She also said it might be due to the Endometrin, which can be quite the irritant for some people, so I’m hoping that’s where this red blood is coming from- my scratched up hoohah, of course.  But that’s wishful thinking. 

I’ve been experiencing a bit of cramping throughout the day, occasional boob twinges, but that’s about it.  I reeeeally hope that this brightly colored spotting will subside.  That would make me happy. 

Tuesday I go back for another beta.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed! 

PS- I want to thank everyone for the kind and encouraging words.  It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions the past few days, and I’m glad I’m not alone for this ride.  


21 thoughts on “12dp2dt- Beta Day

  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!

    Don’t read into beta numbers for multiples. That first one just means you’re pregnant and the second one tells you how things are going. Your number looks good to me and is high by my RE’s office for 14dpo. Our RE wants >100 at 12dp5dt/17dpo.

    Good and pregnant you are!

    • Thanks friend! I’ve missed you! That does make me feel better. I definitely have consistent light spotting now for the last few days. I’d like it to stop, but it might be attributed to the Endometrin. We’ll see.

      • I hope the spotting stops so that you have one less thing to worry about. And I missed you, too. I’ve been avoiding fertility stuff lately because it was giving me a slight case of the crazies, but I’m back and ready to mingle with my online infertile buddies again! I can’t wait to see how your pregnancy progresses! 🙂

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