Sigh of relief- 6w6d

At 6 weeks 6 days, my husband and I saw what we’d been hoping for.  A tiny little 4.4 mm  baby, with a heart pumping away at 128 bpm.

My good friend’s mom actually did the sono today, since she’s a nurse there.   She saw my nooners!  It was only a little weird,  and I couldn’t have cared less once we saw the baby in there.  Thank goodness.  It’s so nice to have this validation, to know that so many of my fears from the last couple weeks can be put to rest.  Of course I’ll still have my fears each step of the way, but it is such a relief to have made it over this hurdle.

And now I’ve officially graduated from the IVF doc.  I’m a little sad, because I haven’t seen my actual RE at all since I got my BFP, and I really wanted to thank him in person.  Oh well, I guess I can send a letter at some point.

I’m so relieved, and happy for myself and my fellow IF-ers who got their positive pregnancy tests this month.  But my heart aches for the many of my dear IF friends who are still struggling.  The bottom line, I guess, is none of this is fair.  It’s just dumb luck.  I feel so lucky to have wound up pregnant already.  Sometimes I can’t believe it.  Please know that I’m still rooting for you, and thinking of you, and hoping for you all, all the time.


11 thoughts on “Sigh of relief- 6w6d

  1. Thank you and congratulations! I know you’ll never really relax but try to enjoy this & start accepting that you are pregnant!!! I am really happy for you xx

  2. Your blog has really given me faith, I’m 9dp2dt and started spotting, thought it was game over but there’s every chance it’s not!

    Thank you!

    -Manchester, UK.

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