Worse before it got better

Like the title says, my body scared the shit out of me last night.  About an hour or 2 after the initial red blood, it started to GUSH.  Dripping like a faucet.  I was sure it was over.  I called my husband back, who was a couple hours away for a business meeting, and told him to come home.  

I called my best friend who has had a couple miscarriages, and told her what was going on.  She said as long as I wasn’t seeing any clots, or having cramps, she wouldn’t be worried.  At that very moment,  I saw a huge clot, and then had another one later.  

My husband got home around 9:30 and we just hugged and held each other.  I wasn’t a complete mess.  I was crying a little bit, but I wanted to keep it together, just in case this was all a fluke.  

Every time I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night (4 times)  I was terrified of what I’d find.  But the red blood seemed to have stopped, and I haven’t had any this morning.  

We had our sono at 9:30 today, and I had no idea what to expect.  I watched the technician’s face and tried to read her expression before I could see the screen.  She turned the screen to us, and there was the big black blob, the yolk sac, and the baby.  At first I thought there was no heart beat, but then she found it quickly.  The heart was beating at 130, and the baby grew about 1 mm since the other day.  

At the top of the picture there was a dark bleed area, almost above my lining.  When my RE came in  (who I was so happy to see) he said right away, “You’re fine.”  He said it’s a sub-chorionic hemorrhage, and they happen, and they usually just go away, but don’t be surprised if I see red blood again at some point.  He explained something about pools of blood forming from the placenta vessels, and the uterine blood vessels, which was way over my head, but basically the blood has no where to go, so it passes thru the cervix.  

So now I’m home on a day of bed rest, gladly missing work, trying to de-stress and calm down.  I’m still worried, and probably always will be, especially when there’s bleeding involved.  But for now, things look okay. 

Thanks for all the well wishes and nice messages last night.  Much appreciated.  Phew.  


22 thoughts on “Worse before it got better

  1. Ahh…I’m just breathed a sigh of relief after reading your update. I’m so happy that all is well and that what you experienced was completely normal and non-threatening.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I NEEDED to hear a success story from someone who has gone through the same thing that I am going through! Happy to read that the bleeding has stopped. That must have been so scary.

    • Oh you’re so welcome. As I read your story I was like, wait, that was me! Believe me, I wasn’t thrilled either when I heard we only had 2 decent embryos, and that a 2-day transfer was needed. It seemed like a bad sign. But I’ve learned that’s just not the case. Honestly, I think 2-day transfers are a good thing. If you’ve got good embryos, even just a couple, get them back where they belong as soon as possible! I’m proof that it does work. I’ll be rooting for you! 🙂

  3. Whew, when I started reading I had a pit of dread in my tummy for you, but it went away as I read on– THANK GOD!

    The bright red blood is scary. I’m glad you didn’t have any cramping or heavy clots.

    Maybe this is just me being me, but do you think 1 day off from work is enough? I say if you think you need more, take it. That is the one and only thing I regret: not taking more time off work and “powering through” when I was cramping or spotting.

    Happy for you and so relieved.

    • Aw thanks lady. I know you can certainly relate to these all these fears. I’m so sorry for your losses, and so mad that it had to happen. It’s just not right.

      I don’t know why but my REs don’t seem to advocate bed rest all that much. The only reason I got it today was because I asked, and then he was like well, since it was heavy, yeah I guess I’d recommend taking it easy for a day, so they gave me a doctor’s note. I don’t think he was going to bring it up if I didn’t mention it. So I don’t know. Personally I think resting has been good whenever I’ve had spotting and bleeding. But they seem to think whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen.

      I guess I’ll play it by ear, but taking off work for me is so hard. I’m the only speech therapist in my building, so no one can fill in for me on short notice. It’s tough for everyone though I’m sure, regardless of profession.

      Thanks for the kind words and advice. I’ll be thinking of you lots.

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