Stupid Stupid Stupid

Quick post, just to unleash some anger. 

Last night I had a work meeting with about 5 colleagues, very casual at a Mexican restaurant.  My friend, who also went to grad school with me, and knows of our struggle and now the pregnancy, thought it would be fun to go up to the bartender and sneakily ask for virgin margaritas, for both of us, as a little celebration.

The waitress walks over, “Here’s the two non-alcoholic ones.”  Real smooth, but whatever. 

I take mine and take a sip and think, hmmm this kinda tastes like a regular drink.  After a minute I get my friend’s attention and tell her.  She’s adamant that hers has no booze, because it didn’t.  Our colleague/friend in between us, who also knows the deal, and was drinking booze, takes a sip of mine and says “No, you’re fine”.  

Hmm ok.  I KNOW I’m overreacting, because I probably drank about a quarter to a half an inch of this drink (5 small sips), but I am angry.  After abstaining from booze and caffeine since July, this just pisses me the fuck off.

I get up to go to the bathroom and noticed my face feels flush.  When I come back to the table, my friend who ordered the drinks looks like she just saw a ghost.  She finally tried my drink when I was gone and is certain there is alcohol in mine.  Awesome. 

She quietly tells the waitress, who doesn’t seem to give two shits, but goes to get me a new one.  I’m sitting there trying to stay composed in front of the group, but really wanting to cry or puke.  I immediately chug 2 giant glasses of ice water. 

And all the while I’m thinking,  I don’t even FUCKING LIKE margaritas.  Tequila?  Really? 

I’m sure the amount of alcohol that even went in to my system, let alone made it’s way to the baby is negligible. I’m sure my trusty liver metabolized most of whatever little TEQUILA I drank while 7 weeks pregnant.  Ugh. 

Will everyone please tell me to calm down, and that everything is fine, but also agree that the whole experience was infuriating?  Because my husband is done doing that for me.  Thanks.

PS- After all that, the waitress still charged us for the drinks.  


25 thoughts on “Stupid Stupid Stupid

  1. How stressful! I would have been upset too. But like you said, I am sure it is fine!! You barely had any. Besides, did you ever watch those “I did not know I was pregnant shows”? They do waaaaaaaaaay worse and the episode always ends with, “and amazingly, the baby was perfectly healthy” so I am more than positive that yours is absolutely fine!
    ps… I cannot believe you got charged for those drinks! That is ridiculous!

    • Haha, I haven’t really ever watched those shows. I’m sure people do horrible things while pregnant, but unknowingly. What pissed me off the most was I KNOW I’m pregnant, I didn’t ask for it, yet I drank booze. Just so dumb all around. I’m feeling a little better today about it all. I’m sure it’s fine!

  2. That is ridiculous that they charged you…I dont think it will be a big deal…there are ppl that do way worse since they dont even realize they are pregnant until like 8 weeks…I think the stressing will make it worse

    • Charging us was beyond crazy, but don’t worry, I’m pretty sure my friend went up and ripped them a new one, and they took it off the bill. Trying not to stress. I’m sure it’ll be okay.

  3. OMG, that would really piss me off too! I can’t believe that! Although I’m certain you and your baby are fine, I would have informed a manager or someone of the mix up since it seems obvious the server did care. That is just completely unacceptable. What if someone had ordered a food dish that had nuts or something in it and they were allergic, only to have their food prepared with nuts. The restaurant would have comped their meal and the person could have had some serious problems. It doesn’t make this situation ok just because you aren’t allergic to tequila.

    • I agree. It’s a big deal to screw something like that up . The whole situation was tough though because only my 2 girlfriends knew, so we couldn’t make a big fuss out of the whole thing in front of the rest of the table. I know my friend went up to the bar and told someone to take the drinks off our tab, but I couldn’t get the details in front of everyone else, and basically had to sit there like everything was okay the whole time. Ay ay ay.

  4. I can’t believe they made you pay for them! I’m sure the baby isn’t affected…people drink without even realizing they’re pregnant all the time. I’m sure a few sips wouldn’t make a difference. What a frustrating experience, though!

  5. that is super duper annoying, but I’m totally sure you’re fine. Maybe it’s living in the UK but here they say you can have a glass of wine or two a week – which almost all of my friends have had their whole pregnancies and been fine – so I think an eighth of a tequila shot or whatever it works out to be is probably completely ok.

    • Thanks! This does make me feel better. I’m not too keen on drinking during pregnancy, but I can kinda understand it more towards the end. I just don’t like the thought of a 7 week old embryo drinking tequila. Haha. Maaaybe wine, but not tequila.

      • I was going to say the exact same thing – UK people drink while preggers knowingly and are perfectly happy doing that. X

      • Throughout the entire pregnancy? See if it weren’t so taboo here I wouldn’t be so worried, but it’s just such a no-no. Makes you think 1 sip can make it or break it. So stupid, and not true, I know. Thanks lady.

  6. They charged you?!? What the mother eff?!?

    You’re fine. Pissed, yes, physically fine. The kind of shenanigans most women go through when in the early stages of pregnancy is mind-boggling. I’d be pissed but not worried in the slightest, lovely.

  7. I’ve done lots and lots of Googling on this subject (just because there have been so many times there have been weddings, etc. while I was TTC) and your baby will be completely fine. 🙂 In fact, many studies have shown no problems with regular consumption of wine (a few glasses a week), which I understand a lot of European women do. You really have to consume A LOT of alcohol to hurt your baby.

    I still don’t blame you for being completely annoyed!

    • I really appreciate you saying this. I have a way of thinking about things to the point of driving myself crazy, like I am with this. It was such a small amount. I need to try to be more logical about it! Your comment helps though! 🙂

  8. Absolutely infuriating. When a non-alcoholic drink is ordered, it should most definitely get to the right recipient for two reasons: Recipient could be pregnant, or a recovering alcoholic. Both are serious situations if an alcoholic drink is accidentally consumed.

    With that said, it’s OK. Baby is OK. It was a tiny bit and won’t get to Baby. But I understand. I wold be upset too.

    But it’s OK.

    • Thank you for saying this. Unfortunately for my mental health, this whole incident is still really bothering me. I know it was such a small amount but I’m such a worrier, and when I get something in my mind, it’s hard to let it go. I have my first OB appt on Thursday and I’m hoping the doc will be able to reassure me once and for all, so I can move on and try to forget about it.

  9. I can’t believe I found your post! I am 7 weeks pregant… after 7yrs trying to conceive with IVF! I have cut out all caffeine, alchohol etc. BUT last night went to a Christmas festival. Avoided the bar and went to a stand that was selling homemade lemonade. I had one sip and realised there was definitely tequila in it! I didn’t know what to do – so many people around so I didn’t want to spit it out right in the middle of the crowd… So I panicked and swallowed it! Been freaking out since then and Googling away when I came aross your post 😉 But the research does point to the fact that such a small amount is OK. I’m sure from now on we will be even more vigiliant before drinking anything!!

    • Haha, what a google search that must have been!

      It is infuriating that things like this happen after all we’ve gone through, and all we’ve given up to make sure the babies would be as healthy as possible. But, even though I’m still not thrilled with the little mishap, and it still sometimes bothers me, I’m sure it’s okay. I just tend to dwell on things for too long. My doctor assured me this would be no problem for the baby without giving it a second thought. He said it would have needed to be a much more significant amount, over a longer period of time, to have any affect. And you only had 1 sip! It’s like nothing! Our livers surely take care of that tiny amount before it could even reach the baby. I bet we are exposed to worse things on a daily basis without even realizing it.

      Anyway, good luck, and try not to stress! And from now on, byo everything! I will no longer trust a bartender to make a N/A drink (not that I even wanted the freaking margarita! lol) I’ll stick with water. 🙂

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