7-8ish weeks

So today I’m 7 weeks 5 days if you calculate from our conception date.  I’m 8 weeks 2 days if you’re talking LMP.  And per my most recent scan (last Wednesday), based on the size of the baby I’m maybe 7 weeks 3 days.  So I don’t know.  I’m confused. 

My nausea is in full swing.  Each morning I wake up, get in the shower, and if I forget to nibble on a couple Saltines first (which I keep conveniently next to my bed) I start getting nauseous right away in the shower.  Only in the last week has it turned into a constant.  I am doing okay though.  I don’t actually throw up.  This morning and yesterday I did dry heave in the morning, which sends my stomach churning, but as soon as I recover from a few gags and eat breakfast, I’m good, for at least an hour.  

It’s a constant cycle of nibbling, eating, feeling gross, and quickly feeling nauseous again.  But I am not complaining!  As icky as I feel, I’m glad I have a symptom to remind me that things are going okay.  Or at least I think they are.  And of course, I’m so thankful to be pregnant and experiencing these symptoms at all. 

Other symptoms are fatigue, sore boobs.  Nothing too crazy.  I just need to go to bed by 10 instead of 11.  In the last few days I’ve been feeling some definite activity/twinges in my uterus, which I’ll admit always freak me out, but I have to remind myself that I’m bound to feel something happening in there.  As long as they’re not super painful cramps, I’m trying to remain calm. 

Tomorrow I have my first regular OB appointment.  I have no idea what to expect, if they’ll do a sono or what.  I doubt it.  Us IVF-ers are so spoiled, getting scans at whim on a daily basis.  I have a feeling I won’t have another sono until maybe 12 weeks.  I’m hoping that they’ll at least try to hear the heartbeat somehow.  Seems like that would be kind of important.  

I’m also going to quickly recap my infamous margarita story with the doctor, who will hopefully reassure me once and for all that I’ll be fine, so I can put that whole thing to bed.  I have been driving my poor husband nuts with it.  It’s not that I bring it up constantly, but ever since last Thursday I’ve not quite been able to let it go.  Today I’m feeling a little bit better, but I really have a way of holding on to things that bother me, and it’s not good.  So, I’m hoping tomorrow I can get that off my chest with a medical professional and move the hell on.  

That’s all.  I hope everyone is having a lovely week!




13 thoughts on “7-8ish weeks

  1. Hooray! We’re trucking along quite nicely.

    Of coooouuuurse you’re feeling twinges! Uterineville is under construction and will soon become Babyville.

    Wishing you a never-ending supply of Saltines. 😉

  2. I hope you are able to get the margarita situation out of your system after you talk to your RE about it. I can be like that from time to time myself…completely consumed with an event until I feel I’ve had proper closure. Good luck! 🙂

    • I really hope so! I’m hoping they won’t just see the sono pics from the RE and feel they don’t need one. I hope I have one, but if not, I hope they can at least use the doppler to hear the HB. Otherwise I can’t quite see the point of an OB visit!

      • Yes we do get spoiled!!! It’s going to be hard but I guess having a normal pregnancy where you don’t need sono’s is a good thing!!! Good luck at the ob

      • I made sure to emphasize my subchorionic bleeding from last week, and the doc said he’d order an ultrasound asap to check on it. So that is tomorrow morning. Yay! Hope it goes well. 🙂

    • Haha! Margarita-gate is now a thing of the past! I am over it. He made me feel much better which a bunch of quick stats and info on FAS (you REALLLLY have to booze hard), and how what I had was basically nothing, and I’m fine. Moving on!
      I SO hope that you will be joining me! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Fingers and toes crossed!

  3. I can’t believe you are graduated to a regular OB already! That is such good news. And I am so glad to read in your comment that the Dr. assuaged your fears about Margarita-gate. Good luck with the ultrasound tomorrow!!

  4. Hope your OB apt went ok and the Doc eased your margarita fears. I know this is totally random and probably doesn’t help but I read an article on the BBC yesterday about a restaurant in the UK who served a two year old a TRIPLE whiskey instead of lime juice and he drank almost half of it?! Kid’s fine though, apparently he slept very well in ER! How on earth can a restaurant do stuff like this? Crazy! Hope all is well x

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