Hello lovelies. 

Things have been going pretty well in the last week.  I’m experiencing a new symptom, and I can’t quite figure out what it is.  

Yesterday at work I thought I was feeling short of breath.  Then I noticed it was more of a strange sensation in my esophagus, and that it seems to happen right after I eat.  So now I’m wondering if it’s the beginning of pregnancy indigestion.  Which I’m hoping is not the case.  My best friend couldn’t eat anything in her 2nd and 3rd trimesters without getting raging heartburn, and I was never envious.  So I’m kinda hoping it’s me being out of breath.  I know that something with increased blood volume and less red blood cells = less oxygen = out of breath?  I think.  My science might be off but I’m pretty sure I’ve read something along those lines.  

In the last week or so I’ve realized that while I can still squeeze into my black work pants for awhile longer, my jeans are useless.  And since I want to maybe leave the house this weekend, I needed to take action.  Driving home from work I always see a “Destination Maternity” store, so today I figured, fuck it, it’s time!!!  I tried on a really expensive pair of dark skinny jeans, a really cheap pair, and some yoga pants.  I bought the cheap jeans, the yoga pants, and 5 pairs of undies.  Oh my G** I’m in love with these jeans.  I afraid I might be done with regular jeans forever.  At 10 weeks is it normal to need maternity pants?  I don’t have a pronounced bump, but I have gained about 6 lbs (ugh) from all my snacking.  It also doesn’t help that my jeans barely fit when I wasn’t pregnant.  I wonder what’s the average time for people to make the switch?

Last but not least, it just wouldn’t be a really fun week in my pregnancy without a little red spotting to get my heart and mind racing.  I had a tiny bit today, the first blood of any kind since my big scare at 7 weeks.  It happened while I was in the bathroom at work, and when I went to wipe, I saw some red on the toilet paper, all mixed in with my Endometrin (YES I’m still on that shit).  After 1-2 wipes, it was really just pink tinged medicine, and then nothing. Right now I have slightly beige tinged medicine leakage/discharge, which I’m not too worried about. 

But of course, I called the doctor.  He called me back about 2 hours later and our conversation was as follows: 

“De____.  It’s Dr. W_____.  I’m not worried about the spotting, but I’m going to order an ultrasound just to check on things.  OK?  Someone will call you to schedule.”  Click.  

Mmmk!  I’m fine with that.  I love me some ultrasounds.  Of course  I always get a little nervous, but I’m hopeful that everything is just fine in there.  I’m going in tomorrow at 8 AM.  I reeeeally hope the bleed is smaller, and that it’s starting to look like a human baby this week!   



17 thoughts on “10w2d

  1. Maternity jeans are awesome! With the triplets I was in maternity jeans by 9 or 10 weeks (used a Bella band before that). This time around I’m thinking I might try sending my jeans to this place in new York that with put stretchy triangles in the sides of your regular jeans and then fix them back to normal when you are ready. I might be able to find a local tailor who could do that too, but would be need to find someone I really trust for my good jeans!

    Good luck at the ultrasound!

    • I’ve never heard of that solution! Innneresting. I’d be afraid they might ruin my jeans, not that I’m buying pants anywhere fancier than the Gap, haha.

      Thanks so much! The u/s went well. 🙂

  2. 10 weeks – and you will be seeing a human looking baby! We were shocked at the difference from 8 – 10 weeks. Unreal. ENJOY!

    I moved into maternity clothes at 4 months and that was the stupidest thing ever. I was DYING in my regular clothes and SWORE I was not showing. Um… that’s because my pants were so tight that they were holding everything in. You enjoy those pants! Wear the HELL out of them!

    I will be in my maternity clothes ASAP – I’m thinking about 6 more weeks. YES! I am EXCITED as SHIT!

      • Haha it makes perfect sense to me! I’m going out to dinner and I am DEFINITELY excited as shit to wear my maternity jeans. Mainly because I can pig the hell out comfortably!

        I can’t believe you were able to wait til 4 months! Damn. I really think a big problem is most of my pants were borderline too tight to begin with, but whatever. I just want to be comfortable.

        Now go put your maternity clothes on and enjoy. It’s never too early. 😉

        PS- The baby looked like a baby! Moving it’s head, arms, legs. Truly amazing.

      • Cindy- My RE told me to stop my Endometrin on November 1st, so 5 days short of 12 weeks. I’m probably going to run out a few days early, but I’m thinking that’s probably fine.

        I bought a belly band and tried it on but it’s so big and stretchy. I don’t think it’ll conceal unbuttoned buttons very well, haha. Not sure what I’m going to be able to use it for. We’ll see! 🙂

  3. It does sound like you might have a slight case of heartburn! I get it a lot even without being pregnant. If I ever get pregnant, it will probably be really bad for me! Strangely enough, heartburn can make you feel a little short of breath, also.

    Lol, I’m so glad you found some comfy maternity jeans! And that’s so cool that the baby already looks like a real baby. It seems like just yesterday that you got your positive pregnancy test. They grow so fast! 🙂

  4. I know exactly what you mean with feeling out of breath. I have felt that way from time to time myself. Glad to hear it’s not just me.
    And I can’t wait to switch to maternity jeans. Some of my jeans still work for me but I have to leave some of them unbuttoned. I’m a fairly petite person and am just over 7 weeks along.

  5. i hope i have the same dilemma soon 🙂 hearing my friends talk about maternity clothes, they say the maternity leggings are heaven too! you should check them out 🙂 oh, and i nominated your blog for the leibster award!

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