11w2d Updates

Hey y’all. 

Today was my second day off Endometrin.  EEEEEK.  I was a little nervous, but I know everyone’s gotta stop it eventually, and 11 weeks sounds late compared to what most people do.  In fact, I think my RE initially said I could stop at 8 weeks, but since I continued to have bleeding they said go until November 1st.  So I did.  I also stopped the baby aspirin, per my RE’s instructions.  

I haven’t noticed anything MAJOR since the stop of meds.  Today I’ve had some more twinging, but I think that’s bound to happen periodically.  This is the week that the uterus is supposed to move up front and center in my abdomen, so I would assume I’m gonna feel stuff.  My Endometrin goop is obviously gone, but (TMI) my body’s own discharge seems to have lessened.  Maybe it was just mixing weird and looked more prominent with Endometrin goop present.  Who knows.  Sorry for the grossness. 

Now I just have to trust that my body is doing what it should.  I know the science behind it.  My RE told me 4 weeks ago that he already knew my body was producing enough progesterone on it’s own just from seeing the heartbeat and the baby’s progress.  It makes sense.  It’s still just hard to let go of my little crutch.  It’s as though IVFers are so used to our drugs that we don’t trust our bodies to do things on their own.  

My nausea is definitely diminishing in the last few days.  I still have the empty-stomach morning gags, but I’m fine for the rest of the day.  This is great, because I need to start to eat more like a normal person.  I’d like to get this weight gain under control.  I think I’ve gained about 7 lbs at this point, and that needs to slowww wayyy down.  

I’d like to take a poll.  How many of your OBs recommend DHA in addition to a prenatal?  Mine doesn’t really endorse using it; they told my friend who goes to the same practice that they don’t think it makes a difference.  And these are reputable docs, some of the best perinatologists in town.  Any opinions?  Of course,  I’m practically out of the first trimester and have missed the critical period for neuro development which might benefit from this anyway.  Naturally.  (Then I hear too much vitamin E can be bad, which is in DHA supplements.)  There’s too many things to keep track of.  Thoughts?

Lastly, what are your opinions on home dopplers?  I wish I could get one, *kinda*.  My husband insists that it would do me more harm than good, which is probably true.  But I hate not knowing what’s going on between ultrasounds.  I know hearing the heartbeat a few times a week would make me feel so much better.  I’m also sure that if I couldn’t find it, I’d panic and worry OBSESSIVELY.  What do you guys think?  

PS- Thanks Cindy and Truffelove for the Liebster award noms.  So kind of you!  I’ll try to get caught up with those this weekend.  🙂


19 thoughts on “11w2d Updates

  1. First: DHA. My RE/MFM didn’t really recommend an additional supplement. My prenatal has it in the ingredients and to them, that was plenty. If your prenatal doesn’t have it, then maybe look into one that does?? Although, I always hear that too much of a good thing CAN be a bad thing. Maybe that’s their philosophy as well??

    Second: Doppler. I’m high risk, so I really wanted to hear the baby’s heartbeat whenever I could. In saying that, my doc was phenomenal in allowing me to come in whenever I chose to, to satisfy my desire. In saying that, I wasn’t sure that having a doppler was such a good idea. To me, it’s a bit of a “double edged sword.” If you can’t find it, you’re going to freak. But that doesn’t mean something’s wrong. So take it with a grain of salt. I agree with your husband, it’ll do more harm, err stress than good. 😉

    Congratulations, and try (key word being try) to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible. And, here’s to a hopefully uneventful one.

    Bree 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice! I certainly am trying to enjoy it.

      My docs just plain didn’t recommend DHA at all. But I went out and bought a prenatal + plant-based DHA supplement, cause I figure it can’t hurt.

      I agree about the doppler. I figure I’ll be seeing the baby in a few days for the NT scan, and then if all goes well I should hopefully begin to grow/feel the baby move in a month or so. I just have to bide my time and remain positive.

  2. my dr. recommended DHA in my prenatal so when I am not puking I take my prenatals…if I take it without food I puke…I bought a doppler for $55 but I think I heard it for a second but I was a bit on the heavier side so its going to be tougher for me.

  3. My doc recommended I take a prenatal that included DHA, not necessarily that I had to take something separate too. I know several people who got a doppler, but I agree with your husband that it might do more harm than good, and cause unnecessary worry. Here in just a few short weeks you should start to feel the little babe moving around, and that’s more reassurance than anything I think.

    • I certainly hope I feel the baby move in the next few weeks. That would be amazing. I just need to get through another month or so. I really think that will be the reassurance I need.

      About the prenatals- I just wondered if your doctors recommended DHA at all. Mine didn’t even mention it, and now I’m starting to worry, so I bought some anyway!

  4. I would not get a Doppler, I agree with your husband. It will give you more to worry about. It’s a medical device and unless it’s prescribed, i would skip it. I really wanted one last time and my OB convinced me it was a bad idea.

    Im glad you’re almost out of the first trimester! That’s exciting!!!!

    • I won’t be getting one. My husband is very glad I took this poll. He feels as though your opinions really helped make his point! Haha. I am such a worrier, and a little OCD, and I know I would try to use it way too often, and freak way too much if it didn’t work. So not getting one is for the best. But this week’s scan can’t come soon enough!

      • Hey I know! My first one is this week and I’m ready to see if there is something in there or not doing what it’s supposed to be doing!

  5. I can’t offer any advice on the DHA but I don’t plan to get a doppler for myself. I’ve read too many blogs where the women who have bought one drive themselves crazy when they can’t hear the heartbeat even though it’s there and everything is fine.

    Also, my RE said I need to continue to take my PIO shots and Estrace pills until 12 weeks. Yuck. My backside is so sore!

  6. Glad to hear that your morning sickness has calmed down. I had a doppler with my last pregnancy. After so many losses it was reassuring to hear his heartbeat before I went to sleep. But the ones you buy at the store are not all that reliable- So if it doesn’t pick up it can cause some pretty severe anxiety. If you do get one just be prepared.

  7. I broke down and bought a doppler even though I swore I wouldn’t. I think it all depends on if you could remain calm if you can’t find a heartbeat right away because many find it difficult to find one early on.

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