12 weeks and the SCH strikes again…

I woke up last night about 5 times throughout the night to pee.  At 4 I woke up suddenly, and didn’t realize it until I stood up, but it felt like I had wet my pants.  I walked down the dark hallway into the bathroom and realized the wetness was blood.  Oh joy.

It was quite a bit, but not as bad as I saw at 7 weeks, and after the initial gush it stopped.  But it was scary, and enough to drip onto the carpet as I walked down the hall, and stain my sheets.  Nice. The blood was red, but almost a deep, darkish red.  I felt right away (or hoped, rather) that the blood was just old sub-chorionic blood making its way out.

I went into the bedroom and told my husband, who popped up and examined the scene in the bathroom.  He assured me that it was fine, and after a few minutes, went back to bed.

I tried to remain calm, took a quick shower, and went back to bed, where I laid wide awake until I finally fell asleep at 6 for a half hour, until my alarm went off.

I have never been so annoyed with my OB.  I know I’ve only been going to them for the last month, but their phone/answering service seriously failed me this morning.  I tried calling from 7:45-10:30, and would either get no answer, a busy signal, or some far-away sounding girl from their answering service who kept putting me on hold, and I’d then hang up on her because I was working.  It was so infuriating.  Finally at 10:30 I got through, explained the situation, and made it quite clear how frustrated I was.  The nurse said she’d talk to the doc and call me back within a few minutes.

Of course, my nuchal was scheduled for tomorrow morning, so I was afraid they were gonna say to just come in then.   But I didn’t want to wait more than 24 hours after that.  I needed some reassurance, even if it was just hearing the heartbeat on a doppler.  SOMETHING.

Luckily, she did call me back right away, and said she could get me in for an ultrasound at their other location at 11, which was right on the way to my next facility.  Perfect.  I got in my car and flew there, making it right on time.  I called my husband who happened to be in the same area, and he was able to make it too.  Worked out well.

The baby was fine.  It’s definitely grown, and looks like a 12 wk old fetus should.  It was sleeping at first, and a few times woke up and moved around SO quickly, it looked like the video was in fast-forward.  Baby is a spaz, just like it’s mother.  The heart rate was 168, and it was just about 2 inches long.  She even did the nuchal measurements while we were there!  That checked out well, and now we just wait for the blood work results to come back in about a week.

THEN, we might be ready to go public.  By “go public” I mean tell the few people that don’t know (It feels like we’ve told everyone, but I’m sure I’m exaggerating).  Our entire family knows, most of our close friends, now it’s really just time to tell people at work and our larger group of friends, and maybe, possibly, Facebook.  (But no uterus pictures.)

I’m almost scared for it to really be out there.  It’s nice having it be a little bit of a secret, just in case anything should happen.  And after repeated bleeding scares, I’m even more wary.  But we’ve come this far, and I know this is pretty much the time when people share.  It still just feels so new; I can’t believe it’s the end of my first trimester already.

Thank goodness we’re finally here.  Now if only my SCH would leave us alone for good.  😉


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