17 weeks!?

Wow.  Time’s kinda flying.  This is a verrrry exciting week for us.  Our anatomy scan is still scheduled for the day after Christmas.  Originally we were going to just wait to find out the sex on that day, and then have a gender reveal party to our families the following weekend.  I thought I could wait until then.  The more I thought about it, I realized I couldn’t.  And I wanted to be able to tell our families on Christmas Eve and Christmas when both my sisters would be there.  So we found an elective ultrasound place, and have an appointment for this Saturday morning!!!  Eek.  I will be 17 weeks 4 days, so hopefully there will be no room for error.  

I wanted to schedule the gender scan in advance so I could figure out how to surprise our families, and give me enough time to order things online to use in our surprise (gender-specific onesies, etc).  Being the planner I am, I ordered everything last week.  In both genders.  It all came already and is ready to go.  So much for needing that extra time.  

What I’m now worried about it being able to keep my huge mouth shut from Saturday to Friday.  We’re going out to dinner with my in-laws on Friday night, and then driving home Saturday for Christmas, when we’ll tell my parents and sisters, and eventually my extended family.  I feel like I will absolutely be busting at the seams to tell people, especially my mom and sisters.  I’m already stressing out.  I don’t trust myself! 

And now I’m dealing with a guilt-trip from my dear mother.  The other day she asked what the plan was, and she wasn’t too happy when I told her. She thought that we’d somehow be telling both families simultaneously, but it’s impossible when we don’t live in the same city.  I want to do this face to face.  So far, the news of every milestone this pregnancy, from our positive pregnancy tests, to our ultrasounds, has been delivered by phone call or text.  Just this once I want to see their reactions, and be able to hug them, and scream, and jump up and down, and whatever we’ll do.  I do feel guilty though.  It’s MY mom.  I don’t like that she’s finding out after my in-laws, but I just have to keep reminding myself that it’ll be so worth it face to face, and it’s like we’re saving the best for last.  

Four more days and we’ll (hopefully) know if this is a little boy or girl growing in here.  It’s insane that we’ve come this far already.  I’ll keep you posted. 😉


8 thoughts on “17 weeks!?

  1. I’ve kept quiet on your blog so far b/c our news wasn’t out, but now that it is…I’ve enjoyed reading your posts from the last few months! I am a week behind you and it’s fun comparing stories as to what’s going on with each of us. Can I just say I’m super jealous that you get to find out the gender already?! At our appointment last week the doc said it was too early, so we have to wait until our next appointment which is just after the first of the year. Hopefully the holidays will help distract me. Have fun sharing the news with your families!

    • Aww congratulations! It is so much fun having people to compare stories with each step of the way. One of my good friends IRL is due 3 days ahead of me, and my cousin a week after. Too funny.
      Since we’re going to one of those elective, pay $70 bucks kinda places, they said they’ll do gender scans any time after 15 or 16 weeks. So I’m really hoping 17.4 will be good enough. If not we have a few more days to play with before we really need to know. Can’t wait though!

    • Well I’ve been wondering if there’s anything to the theory that ICSI babies are slightly more likely to be girls, since the X sperm are slower than Y sperm, and might be easier to isolate in the lab. But who knows! I’m sure it’s still around 50/50.
      As for my mother’s intuition, I’m really not sure. I say girl because I come from all girls, about 90% of my friends have girls, so as much as I’d love to be different and get a boy, it’ll probably be a girl. We’ll see though. I’ll take either one of course! How about you? Any inclinations?

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