Elective Gender Scan Day! It’s a…….

Today was the big day!  We woke up nice and early and went to the elective 3d/4d ultrasound place.  I was so so incredibly nervous.  This was by far the most anxious I ever felt for an ultrasound.  I think the fact that I had a half a cup of coffee to ensure the baby wouldn’t be fast asleep wasn’t helping my situation.

The owner/technician was a sweet younger woman, maybe late 20s or early 30s.  There was a little sign on the counter welcoming myself and my family.  Such a nice touch.

After filling out some paperwork, and paying for our package, which included the scan and a video of all the footage, we went into the ultrasound room.  There was a lot of seating, a big bed for the mama to lie on, and a big screen TV ahead for viewing.

I hopped right on the bed and got all situated.  As soon as we saw the baby on the screen I couldn’t believe the difference from last time.  Long limbs, arms and legs moving, all the little vertebrae in view.  It was incredible.  She got a great shot of the goods right away.  My first thought was girl!, then, wait is that a penis?  The penis turned out to be the umbilical cord.  After another minute she told us that indeed this baby is a little GIRL!!!!!!!

My husband and I immediately got teary and emotional.  It was the first time I’ve ever cried at an ultrasound.  It has always seemed so clinical until today.  This little being became a baby girl.  We have a daughter.  I’m crying again just typing this.

We got to watch her move and bounce around for about 15 minutes.  The tech did turn on the 3d/4d sono a few times, and warned us that the baby’s features wouldn’t be too clear yet, but I still was eager to see her.  Well, this baby made sure to cover her face every time we tried to get a view.  Whether she was sucking her thumb, or waving her arm, it was always in front of her face!  We got a few glimpses of her closed eyes, and her nose, but it wasn’t very clear.

As the technician was oohing and ahhing over our sweet girl, I looked up at her and said “This is our very special IVF baby.”  And lost it.  Again.  She told me that she sees IVF babies all the time; babies of moms who have struggled so much for their little ones.  It was a special little moment for all of us.

We got our DVD and some pictures, and left in a happy daze.  We just kept looking over at each other and smiling.  I caught him get teary several times throughout the morning.  On our way home, we got to stop and tell our best friends (who happen to be married to each other) the news.  These are the ONLY people we can tell until we tell our families this weekend.  It was great.  My best friend was convinced it would be a boy, so when I blurted “It’s a girl!” we got all emotional once more.  Then I got to hug and kiss their almost 3-month-old baby girl and tell her all about her new best friend, C.

I am so lucky.  And so thankful.


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