Reveal Day Part 1!

Today is the day!  FINALLY I get to tell my in-laws that we’re having a girl, and tomorrow my own family.  Sweet relief!  

This has been the longest week of my life.  It’s been impossible keeping track of my many little white lies.  I made the mistake of telling some people (friends, co-workers, mother) a few weeks ago when my actual gender scan was (this past Saturday).  I intentionally lied to my mother-in-law and sisters, and said it was today.  Then, this week I re-told most co-workers that I wasn’t finding out until today, and they all seemed unfazed, phew.  The whole point was so I wouldn’t feel pressured to tell anyone since I’d known all week, but it ended up being extremely confusing.  I even broke down yesterday and told some co-workers at one of my 2 buildings that I DID know, but that I couldn’t tell them until I told my mother. Ya follow me? No? Me neither.  I am so glad this day is here. 

I’m feeling good this week.  I had my FIRST actual vomiting on Sunday this week (18 weeks, morning sickness just starting, wtf?)  I thought that was a little strange, but now that I know I’m carrying a little lady, I guess I know to blame the lady hormones.  My nausea and morning gags have not relented, but it’s manageable, since I normally don’t vom, I just have to eat constantly.  I’ve made a conscious effort for about the last month or so to cool it on the garbage, fast food, etc.  Whether I like it or not, I’m gaining weight quickly, and I really need to be more careful.  Oh well.  Another recent symptom is extreme fatigue.  Like feeling as though I’m dragging ass through a caffeine withdrawal, even though I haven’t had caffeine in months.  

So for the “reveal”, we took a few screen shots from the video of our sonogram, one in 2d, one in 3d, of our little babe, and my tech savvy husband arranged a little collage for a frame I got my MIL and mom, with text in between the photos reading “it’s a girl!”  I wrapped in up in about 10 different layers, which I can’t wait to see my MIL tear through tonight.  Did I mention we had to tell her we were finding out the sex ON THE WAY to dinner, otherwise she’d be banging down our door?  I’m serious.  This will be the first girl in their family, which she’s been longing for, so this is going to be a great moment.  I must remember to take some pictures!  

Wish me luck! 



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