22 weeks…almost.

Twenty-two weeks tomorrow.  Wow.  I can’t believe how relatively quickly this all seems to be going by.  Maybe it’s cause I’m still in the fairly easy mid-stage, no huge belly or major discomforts yet.  I’m sure once I get near 30 weeks time will drag from then on out. 

Just thought I’d post some updates since it’s been awhile.  My belly is slowly but surely growing, emphasis on the slowly.  People are starting to notice, but I definitely know a lot of people who have popped more by this point.  One thing’s for sure, which might contribute to the not-super-obvious bump; this baby is lowww.  And she almost seems spread across instead of popping out and up.  I only feel kicks very low, and usually on the ride side.  My belly button is still a big old indent and deep, and even though all the apps say by this point my uterus should be reaching above my belly button, that is not the case.  I think that’s why it’s hard to tell if I’m pregnant or just strangely chubby in my lower abdomen; I don’t have a big rounded-out bump yet.  I guess when you start out with a thicker middle to begin with, it hides the distinct baby bump until you’re a bit further along.  Anywho.

I’m feeling good during the day.  Only in the last week or so have I noticed that if I have a particularly long day at work, I have a bit of lower back pain at night.  I’ve also been trying to sleep on my side (my left side, as they say we should), although I do often wake up in the middle of the night on my back.  Then sometimes in the morning I’ll have hip pain, which must be pregnancy-related because I normally sleep on my side anyway.  

My husband and I finally redeemed my Valentine’s Day gift from last year just yesterday, for a couples massage.  That was delightful.  She said my legs/thighs were suuper tight, which wasn’t helping my hip pain.  Hopefully she relieved that for a little bit.  

Movement has been the biggest milestone this week!  I went from is that gas?- to – ohhh okay that’s a baby, in a matter of a day or 2.  When I lay down at night on the couch I’ll feel her bumping around over and over on my lower right side quite a bit, especially between 8-10pm.  It’s definitely a cool, weird feeling.  I’m hoping she stays super low so I won’t get to experience any of those painful rib kicks people are always talking about.  

The nursery is really coming together!  Pottery Barn officially has all of our money.  Besides the furniture which we’ve had for a month or so, her bedding came in this week, we have our rocker and chandelier ordered, and I’ve been on a constant Etsy-hunt to find accessories/wall decor.  I’ve made a couple good finds so far, and now we just have to pick out the perfect paint color to tie it all together. 

That sums it up nicely for now.  I’ll keep ya posted in the coming weeks!


13 thoughts on “22 weeks…almost.

  1. You are so much farther along in the nursery than me…I feel like a slacker…hubby needs to paint asap so I can start buying furniture or I can just buy it and that will be his motivation lol

  2. I haven’t started on the nursery either, but I think that’s due to us talking about moving right after little boy arrives. I just hope if we do move in fact, I have enough motivation to put together a nice nursery for him after he’s already here. Yay for movement!! That’s the best. And a couples massage sounds delightful!

    • Movement is my favorite! And it’s incredible that week by week it gets more noticeable and strong and frequent. I love it!
      I don’t blame you for your lack of motivation in the nursery dept. If I thought we were going to leave I wouldn’t want to do much at all!

  3. What a fun post! It made me so happy to read all the updates about your baby moving around in your belly and your plans for the nursery. 🙂 My hubby painted our nursery last weekend but we aren’t finding out what we’re having so we’re having a hard time deciding on a theme. For now, we went with a neutral grey paint with white trim and plan to add bold accent colors after the babies are here.

    • Movement is the best! Oh man you should see our credit card statement, ha! I definitely recommend getting a PB credit card if you plan to buy a lot from there down the road or register there, because you get rewards for big purchases. Our bedding was essentially paid for!

  4. Just checking in to see if you had a 20-week coming up, and you’re past it! Do you think you’ll go in for a fun, elective scan before she’s born? I love the fun ones!

    Decorating the nursery is so fun! Enjoy every minute of it!!!!

    • Yep we are past it, and she smooshed her face into placenta as soon as the 3d was flipped on! We are trying to figure out a weekend in February that my parents can come visit, closer to 26 weeks, and we are going to set up another elective scan at the place that did our gender scan. Can’t wait! She better start cooperating! 😉

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