24w2d Updates

Hey all!  

Based on my belly this week, Baby C is growing like crazy, and definitely moving around all the time.  I still think she’s really low, but my stomach is getting bigger and harder, even up past my belly button.  Finally!

My latest pregnancy woe has been low back aches.  Nothing major, but enough that I use my hot water bottle on a nightly basis.  It works so well.  I’m also trying my best to sleep on my left side, so sometimes my left hip hurts in the morning, but that’s fine.  Moving around is getting a bit harder; bending over to tie shoes is comical, and I’m not even that big yet.  I can’t imagine how hard everything is going to be in 3 months.  

My pregnancy dreams have been CRAY.  A few weeks ago I dreamt that I accidentally smoked CRACK while pregnant.  Sure.  A few nights ago I dreamt that I was breast-feeding my 82 lb chocolate lab.  Mmmmmk.  It was totally normal to do so in the dream, and he latched like a pro!  Wtf?  A couple nights ago I had a dream about all these kids I hung out with in high school.  A kid who sadly died in a car accident right after we graduated was alive and well in my dream, and I even remember thinking, I better give him a hug, because he actually died.  Hmmmm.  Ok.  At least the dreams have just been bizarre, and not nightmarish.  And luckily I wake up so frequently in the middle of the night to pee that I’m not tortured by long drawn out dreams.  Just many short, super weird ones.  

I’m getting psyched for next weekend!  My parents are coming to visit, and we’ve scheduled another 3d sono.  I’ll be 25w4d, so we should get some good images, as long as she cooperates.  All I want to see is a good shot of her face!  This baby has been so stubborn, hiding herself behind placenta, and I’m getting a little impatient.  My parents and in-laws will all come, and then we’ll go out to dinner.  While my parents are in town we will also decide on a paint color for the nursery, so we can start making moves on that.  Things are coming together!

Here’s a pic of today’s belly, post falafel, hummus, and fattoush salad.  Image


9 thoughts on “24w2d Updates

  1. Cute bump! 😉 Interesting dreams…you’re not alone. I’ve had some that make you really scratch your head in confusion and leave me stunned for most of the day…Funny thing is, they’re really vivd & real-like.
    Hope you get some good pics soon! 🙂

  2. You look great, what a cute little bump! How exciting that you are going in for another 3D scan. I can’t wait to schedule mine, but will probably do it in a month or so. It seems like it never fails those little ones always hide their faces.

  3. I’m 20w6d today and have had many comments from people about how small my belly is for this stage in my pregnancy and for having twins. I think I’m carrying low too so I’m guessing this is contributing to my “smaller” belly. I feel a lot of pressure at times just above my lady parts so that’s why I think I’m carrying low. But I feel huge! And you are so right, it’s so hard to maneuver with this belly! I have a hard time with shoes and pretty much everything else that involves bending or twisting at the waist. Glad to hear I’m not alone in these experiences!

    • Yeah in the last month or 2 I’ve gotten comments that I’m “so small”, but in the last couple weeks people are telling me I’ve finally popped. It’s almost as if she’s laying across and is spread across the front or something. And all her kicks are super low. Oh well, probably better to be smaller longer, because no doubt in the next few months we will blow up! Especially with those twins of yours!

  4. Yay!! Viability!! You look fabulous! LOL @ your dreams – omg! So exciting to get a scan! I can’t wait to see the pics! Hopefully she will cooperate 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa! I know, a big milestone I’m thrilled to have met. I’m sure you’ve already noticed how quickly this goes by, it’s nuts. I hope she cooperates too, I really wanna see this face!

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