26 weeks on the dot

Well we’ve had quite an eventful week.  My parents came into town for the weekend to see us, the doggy, and the belly.  We had an elective 3d scan on Saturday with them and my in-laws and it was so much fun.  It was so good to see the baby, and to see her little features in such detail was incredible.  I drank a few sips of coffee beforehand which may or may not have been a good thing, because while she wasn’t asleep, she would barely sit still!  She just kept moving around and turning and sucking on her hand, which tended to cover her face for most of it.  So we got a few good pictures, and a very fun video, with all the commentary from the families to listen to and enjoy.

Yesterday I started to have a bit more cervical pain than normal (and I’m feeling it now as I type this), and then in the afternoon I felt a gush of fluid, which I assumed was urine, but it was a little unusual.  I tried to smell it, which is sorta gross to say, but I figured if it smelled like tinkle we were good.  Today and last night the cervical pain continued, so just to be on the safe side I called my doc and told the nurse all of this.  Minutes later I got a call back that they wanted me to come in for a scan this afternoon.  Ok!  Two scans in a matter of days, but I don’t mind.

I’ll admit, I was relieved to have another real diagnostic scan, because I’ve always been a little worried about my cervix since I had a LEEP procedure done about 4 years ago.  My doctor said we could check my cervix again at some point closer to 30 weeks, but when I brought it up at my appointment 2 weeks ago she said she’d rather not.  She said I hadn’t had any issues, so she didn’t want to do anything that might lead to unnecessary interventions, which I understand, but I was a bit disappointed.  I just wanted the peace of mind, and to know my cervix was still long and closed.

Everything looked good.  My cervix is 5 cm long, which is longer than she had told me at 20 weeks, but today she did a vaginal ultrasound for that portion to be more accurate.  She did a nice long scan on all the baby’s little parts, and checked my uterus and fluid.  It all was normal.  The best part was the baby was in a great position for good 3d pics!  We got better pictures today than we got at the elective place on Saturday.  And without further ado, here’s our little babe.  Based on pictures she is the spitting image of her mama, and I can’t wait to see her in real life! 14 weeks to go!Image


11 thoughts on “26 weeks on the dot

  1. I love her little lips! Aren’t those 3D scans the best? I go for my 20-week scan tomorrow and am hoping for some good ones, but will also do another elective at 25 weeks or so (we did one at 17w3d to determine gender)! I love checking in on them!

    She’s a pretty little baby!

    Oh – and I’m glad your cervix is doing what it’s supposed to do!

    • Thanks! I do love the 3d scans. I feel like I’ve met this little girl already. I think it’s kind of funny that the best pics came for free at my docs 2 days after I paid an elective place, but all I care is I got them!

  2. Glad everything is going well! That’s awesome that you were able to get the 3D scan done at the doctor’s office. We have to pay for an elective scan if we want those images.

    • Thanks lady! It’s really crazy. I have all my scans on my desk upstairs and at the top of the pile is a picture of 2 embryos. Of course I don’t know which one turned into Baby C, but every time I see the photo I’m baffled by the whole experience.

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