35 Weeks

Long time no blog!  We only have 5 weeks to go.  It’s unreal.

Last weekend we had my one and only baby shower.  It was lovely.  My mother-in-law spares no expense, so it was at a really cute restaurant downtown in an old building with beautiful decor, and lots of character.  The dessert table was straight out of Pinterest, with a lavender colored ombre cake, cake pops, and all sorts of chocolate covered items.  The basic theme was “lavender and lace”, so everything was different shades of lavender, with lace accenting the tables, favors etc.  It was great.  The not so great part was going home with truckloads of goodies, to a house full of out of town guests, and trying to organize it all amongst the chaos.  But my mom and sisters helped greatly, and baby C’s nursery is looking adorable, and almost complete!

On the baby belly front, I am officially large. Yet I still get mixed reviews from people- the knowing moms will say I look great, I’m not big at all; and yet a lot of people (rude strangers) will say I look like I’m ready to pop, they must have given me the wrong due date, Am I carrying twins, etc etc.  

I’m feeling a lot more Braxton Hicks in the last week or so.  In just the last few days I’m feeling more cervical pain and pressure (Could I be starting to efface/dilate?!)  It’s also getting a bit hard to control the bladder.  Sometimes I’ll just be walking and I realize I’m leaking.  Today I was a little concerned it might be my water breaking, but I’m sure that’s not the case.  I have my 35 week appt with my OB tomorrow so I’ll let her know about my “leaking” and see what she says.  I’m also wondering if they’ll do another sonogram to confirm she’s head down.  At 33 weeks another one of the OBs said he thought she was because he could only hear the heartbeat way down low in my pelvis.  Who knows.  The reasons I’ve thought she’s been breech all along is because she was at my sonogram at 25 weeks, and I’d really only ever felt kicks down low, never having those high kicks in the ribs people describe.  I never feel short of breath, or have heartburn.  However, I will say in the last couple weeks, now that the kicks have become nudges and rolls as she runs out of room, they are indeed up higher at the top of my uterus. I always have something hard poking out of the top right of my tummy, and I’m thinking it might be her little butt!  Also, I feel her hiccups way down low this week.  Here’s hoping!

I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens in the next few weeks.  I was born 17 days early, so I’m hoping I get some of that luck my mom had!



3 thoughts on “35 Weeks

  1. Congrats on making it to 35 weeks! You are soooo close to meeting your little one! Very happy for you and glad to hear things are going well.

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