38 Weeks, 6 days

I’m bored.  This is the first full week of maternity leave and I’m starting to lose it a little.  I know I haven’t even reached my due date yet but I am just so ready for her to be here. 

Hearing that I was already dilating and effaced at 36 weeks really messed me up, since at each appointment thereafter, there’s been NO change.  I went from thinking an early spontaneous labor was a serious possibility, to now resigning myself to the fact that I’ll probably be like so many of my FTM friends, who go 7-14 days past their due dates, requiring inductions, and I really don’t want that.

I also feel a bit of a time crunch, as 10 days after my due date is my sister’s commissioning into the army as she graduates as an ROTC officer, and has her college graduation that weekend, about 4 hours away from me.  My mother doesn’t want to miss it: she said she can only see this once, whereas she can meet the baby “anytime”.  She’d rather see that than the birth of her first grandchild.  I told her how upset it makes me, since ideally I want her in the delivery room with me, and my sister doesn’t even care if both of my parents are there.  She suggested our dad go see the graduation, and mom come here for the birth, but my mom is being a weirdo about it.  I’m trying to focus on the hope that we won’t even end up in that situation, as we still have time– 17 days, for this chick to make her appearance.   

So now I just sit here and try to keep busy.  I’ve been cleaning the house on a daily basis, I’ve already gone to the grocery store this morning, and my 39.1 week appointment isn’t until Wednesday.  I know it’ll be so different once the baby is here to keep my busy, but I already can tell it’s a good thing I’m going back to work, even on a part-time basis.  I just have to get out of the house!

I’ll keep you posted….


36 Weeks Updates

We are 36 weeks and 1 day today.  My ‘What to Expect’ app says the baby is the size of a watermelon.  I believe it.

I had my second internal exam yesterday, and my 2nd of weekly appointments.  Last week at 35 weeks one of the young adorable female OBs did a quick internal just to get a baseline.  She said I was a fingertip dilated and slightly thinned, which surprised me.  I was expecting her to say it was long and closed.  At yesterday’s appointment one of the older, cute little old man OBs said I’m now 2.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced!  I said, “Shut up!”  Then I apologized, ha.  It seems like a lot of progress!  He said to be ready for a potentially early labor, no guarantees of course.  He said, “You know what to do if that water breaks.”  I thought to myself, ummm actually I’m not sure that I do.  I guess I’ll just call them if anything happens.  

As for my symptoms, I’m having continued minor cervical pains and pressure, and increasing BH contractions.  The more the better!

After yesterday’s appointment and with the recommendation of my doctor, I’ve decided I’m going to stop working 2 weeks prior to my due date.  May 7th is it for me!  I called my boss and the girls who are going to be covering my facilities, and put the wheels into motion.  It feels good to have a plan, since before yesterday I was just going to wing it.  Now that it feels like labor could actually occur in the next few weeks, it seems like a good idea to have a concrete plan in place. 

Last night I got all my laundry done that I’ll be packing in my hospital bag, and tonight I ran out to Target for last minute things, travel-size toiletries, warm socks, etc.  I just gotta pack it all in the bag!

It’s officially feeling real.  

35 Weeks

Long time no blog!  We only have 5 weeks to go.  It’s unreal.

Last weekend we had my one and only baby shower.  It was lovely.  My mother-in-law spares no expense, so it was at a really cute restaurant downtown in an old building with beautiful decor, and lots of character.  The dessert table was straight out of Pinterest, with a lavender colored ombre cake, cake pops, and all sorts of chocolate covered items.  The basic theme was “lavender and lace”, so everything was different shades of lavender, with lace accenting the tables, favors etc.  It was great.  The not so great part was going home with truckloads of goodies, to a house full of out of town guests, and trying to organize it all amongst the chaos.  But my mom and sisters helped greatly, and baby C’s nursery is looking adorable, and almost complete!

On the baby belly front, I am officially large. Yet I still get mixed reviews from people- the knowing moms will say I look great, I’m not big at all; and yet a lot of people (rude strangers) will say I look like I’m ready to pop, they must have given me the wrong due date, Am I carrying twins, etc etc.  

I’m feeling a lot more Braxton Hicks in the last week or so.  In just the last few days I’m feeling more cervical pain and pressure (Could I be starting to efface/dilate?!)  It’s also getting a bit hard to control the bladder.  Sometimes I’ll just be walking and I realize I’m leaking.  Today I was a little concerned it might be my water breaking, but I’m sure that’s not the case.  I have my 35 week appt with my OB tomorrow so I’ll let her know about my “leaking” and see what she says.  I’m also wondering if they’ll do another sonogram to confirm she’s head down.  At 33 weeks another one of the OBs said he thought she was because he could only hear the heartbeat way down low in my pelvis.  Who knows.  The reasons I’ve thought she’s been breech all along is because she was at my sonogram at 25 weeks, and I’d really only ever felt kicks down low, never having those high kicks in the ribs people describe.  I never feel short of breath, or have heartburn.  However, I will say in the last couple weeks, now that the kicks have become nudges and rolls as she runs out of room, they are indeed up higher at the top of my uterus. I always have something hard poking out of the top right of my tummy, and I’m thinking it might be her little butt!  Also, I feel her hiccups way down low this week.  Here’s hoping!

I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens in the next few weeks.  I was born 17 days early, so I’m hoping I get some of that luck my mom had!


26 weeks on the dot

Well we’ve had quite an eventful week.  My parents came into town for the weekend to see us, the doggy, and the belly.  We had an elective 3d scan on Saturday with them and my in-laws and it was so much fun.  It was so good to see the baby, and to see her little features in such detail was incredible.  I drank a few sips of coffee beforehand which may or may not have been a good thing, because while she wasn’t asleep, she would barely sit still!  She just kept moving around and turning and sucking on her hand, which tended to cover her face for most of it.  So we got a few good pictures, and a very fun video, with all the commentary from the families to listen to and enjoy.

Yesterday I started to have a bit more cervical pain than normal (and I’m feeling it now as I type this), and then in the afternoon I felt a gush of fluid, which I assumed was urine, but it was a little unusual.  I tried to smell it, which is sorta gross to say, but I figured if it smelled like tinkle we were good.  Today and last night the cervical pain continued, so just to be on the safe side I called my doc and told the nurse all of this.  Minutes later I got a call back that they wanted me to come in for a scan this afternoon.  Ok!  Two scans in a matter of days, but I don’t mind.

I’ll admit, I was relieved to have another real diagnostic scan, because I’ve always been a little worried about my cervix since I had a LEEP procedure done about 4 years ago.  My doctor said we could check my cervix again at some point closer to 30 weeks, but when I brought it up at my appointment 2 weeks ago she said she’d rather not.  She said I hadn’t had any issues, so she didn’t want to do anything that might lead to unnecessary interventions, which I understand, but I was a bit disappointed.  I just wanted the peace of mind, and to know my cervix was still long and closed.

Everything looked good.  My cervix is 5 cm long, which is longer than she had told me at 20 weeks, but today she did a vaginal ultrasound for that portion to be more accurate.  She did a nice long scan on all the baby’s little parts, and checked my uterus and fluid.  It all was normal.  The best part was the baby was in a great position for good 3d pics!  We got better pictures today than we got at the elective place on Saturday.  And without further ado, here’s our little babe.  Based on pictures she is the spitting image of her mama, and I can’t wait to see her in real life! 14 weeks to go!Image

24w2d Updates

Hey all!  

Based on my belly this week, Baby C is growing like crazy, and definitely moving around all the time.  I still think she’s really low, but my stomach is getting bigger and harder, even up past my belly button.  Finally!

My latest pregnancy woe has been low back aches.  Nothing major, but enough that I use my hot water bottle on a nightly basis.  It works so well.  I’m also trying my best to sleep on my left side, so sometimes my left hip hurts in the morning, but that’s fine.  Moving around is getting a bit harder; bending over to tie shoes is comical, and I’m not even that big yet.  I can’t imagine how hard everything is going to be in 3 months.  

My pregnancy dreams have been CRAY.  A few weeks ago I dreamt that I accidentally smoked CRACK while pregnant.  Sure.  A few nights ago I dreamt that I was breast-feeding my 82 lb chocolate lab.  Mmmmmk.  It was totally normal to do so in the dream, and he latched like a pro!  Wtf?  A couple nights ago I had a dream about all these kids I hung out with in high school.  A kid who sadly died in a car accident right after we graduated was alive and well in my dream, and I even remember thinking, I better give him a hug, because he actually died.  Hmmmm.  Ok.  At least the dreams have just been bizarre, and not nightmarish.  And luckily I wake up so frequently in the middle of the night to pee that I’m not tortured by long drawn out dreams.  Just many short, super weird ones.  

I’m getting psyched for next weekend!  My parents are coming to visit, and we’ve scheduled another 3d sono.  I’ll be 25w4d, so we should get some good images, as long as she cooperates.  All I want to see is a good shot of her face!  This baby has been so stubborn, hiding herself behind placenta, and I’m getting a little impatient.  My parents and in-laws will all come, and then we’ll go out to dinner.  While my parents are in town we will also decide on a paint color for the nursery, so we can start making moves on that.  Things are coming together!

Here’s a pic of today’s belly, post falafel, hummus, and fattoush salad.  Image

22 weeks…almost.

Twenty-two weeks tomorrow.  Wow.  I can’t believe how relatively quickly this all seems to be going by.  Maybe it’s cause I’m still in the fairly easy mid-stage, no huge belly or major discomforts yet.  I’m sure once I get near 30 weeks time will drag from then on out. 

Just thought I’d post some updates since it’s been awhile.  My belly is slowly but surely growing, emphasis on the slowly.  People are starting to notice, but I definitely know a lot of people who have popped more by this point.  One thing’s for sure, which might contribute to the not-super-obvious bump; this baby is lowww.  And she almost seems spread across instead of popping out and up.  I only feel kicks very low, and usually on the ride side.  My belly button is still a big old indent and deep, and even though all the apps say by this point my uterus should be reaching above my belly button, that is not the case.  I think that’s why it’s hard to tell if I’m pregnant or just strangely chubby in my lower abdomen; I don’t have a big rounded-out bump yet.  I guess when you start out with a thicker middle to begin with, it hides the distinct baby bump until you’re a bit further along.  Anywho.

I’m feeling good during the day.  Only in the last week or so have I noticed that if I have a particularly long day at work, I have a bit of lower back pain at night.  I’ve also been trying to sleep on my side (my left side, as they say we should), although I do often wake up in the middle of the night on my back.  Then sometimes in the morning I’ll have hip pain, which must be pregnancy-related because I normally sleep on my side anyway.  

My husband and I finally redeemed my Valentine’s Day gift from last year just yesterday, for a couples massage.  That was delightful.  She said my legs/thighs were suuper tight, which wasn’t helping my hip pain.  Hopefully she relieved that for a little bit.  

Movement has been the biggest milestone this week!  I went from is that gas?- to – ohhh okay that’s a baby, in a matter of a day or 2.  When I lay down at night on the couch I’ll feel her bumping around over and over on my lower right side quite a bit, especially between 8-10pm.  It’s definitely a cool, weird feeling.  I’m hoping she stays super low so I won’t get to experience any of those painful rib kicks people are always talking about.  

The nursery is really coming together!  Pottery Barn officially has all of our money.  Besides the furniture which we’ve had for a month or so, her bedding came in this week, we have our rocker and chandelier ordered, and I’ve been on a constant Etsy-hunt to find accessories/wall decor.  I’ve made a couple good finds so far, and now we just have to pick out the perfect paint color to tie it all together. 

That sums it up nicely for now.  I’ll keep ya posted in the coming weeks!

Pregnancy has made me CRAZY! (er)

I’d like to welcome you into the mind of a completely neurotic pregnant person.  It seems like everyday as I’m getting over one ridiculous fear, a new one pops up.  They mostly revolve around food/meds/things I’ve ingested (surely you’re familiar with Margarita-gate), plus activities/movement.  The other night when I was awake from 3 to 5am for no reason, I compiled a list of my recent Google searches from memory (I have to periodically erase my google history out of sheer embarrassment of what goes through my head).

Here goes:

– Is it safe to eat Caesar dressing when pregnant? (I LOVE Caesar dressing.  I ordered a Caesar salad not thinking the other night at a restaurant, ate half of it, then started to panic not knowing if it was made with raw eggs. That’s always how it goes.  It’s after the fact.)

-safe to eat Tiramisu when pregnant? (same as above, due to the small amount of booze)

-safe to ingest caffeine during pregnancy?

-how long to heat deli meat in microwave when pregnant?

– mayonnaise during pregnancy? (still eat almost everyday regardless of safety)

-How loud is a loud bar in decibels?

(followed by)

-Can loud bar hurt an unborn baby’s hearing (we met up with my brother-in-law and his future wife the night they got engaged at a hip little bar and a few days later I started to worry about the noise level. Mmmmmk.)

– Can wearing tight clothing hurt unborn baby? (All my clothes are tight.)

– Can dog lightly jumping on belly hurt unborn baby?

– Is it safe to use a hot water bottle during pregnancy? (I literally was afraid I had cooked the baby inadvertently by putting a hot water bottle on my left butt cheek for 15 minutes to help with nerve/joint pain.  Yeah okay.)

– Safe to bend over quickly during pregnancy?  Can a uterus bend or fold in half? (Wha?!)

– Safe to inhale secondhand smoke for a short time during pregnancy (THIS drives me nuts everyday, since I have to walk by the smokers into some of my buildings.  I try to hold my breath but somehow it still hits me like a wall and manages to make my hair smell bad. And don’t even get my started on my own freaking family!  One night this weekend when I was home for Christmas I was so upset that I left my aunt’s house, as she continues to smoke cigarettes in rooms close to me, thinking nothing of it.  I’m still livid.)

– Which preservatives are dangerous to unborn babies? (A girlfriend told me a few months back that calcium proponiate, which is found in many breads, is dangerous. Super.)

– Is Imodium safe during pregnancy?  (I took a half of a pill for diarrhea at about 11 weeks, not even thinking, then panicked.  I googled it a billion times, finally called my doctor and he said don’t worry about it.)

– Small amount of alcohol/tequila ingested at 7 weeks pregnant (Margarita-gate)

-Is it safe to hold breath for short time during pregnancy (I’ve realized over the years that sometimes I just hold my breath not even realizing it.  It’s for maybe 10 seconds at the most, but I worked myself up into thinking I cut off the baby’s oxygen supply causing permanent damage)

-dangerous to have laptop on lap during pregnancy?

-Safe to use Sally Hansen cream bleach during pregnancy? (I’ve got dark hair, what can I say?  I bleached my stache at about 8 or 9 weeks, not even thinking, started to panic about this weeks later, and haven’t even done it since.  But I’m sure it’s not even a big deal. My friend with 2 kids said she Nair-ed hers during both pregnancies; surely the bleach can’t be any worse.)

– Safe to go to the dentist during pregnancy?

And the latest!!!!!……..

-Herbs during pregnancy.  Is herbal tea safe during pregnancy?  Safety of panax ginseng, chamomile, and/or valerian root during pregnancy. (Look, I’m not taking any herbal supplements, BUT, I drink a lot of Arizona Stress Rx Decaf Herbal Iced Tea.  It comes in a big old jug and you buy it at the grocery store.  My husband has always been a fan of their Green Tea, but I liked the decaf now and then, and have pretty much stuck to decaf during this pregnancy to avoid the caffeine.  I thought I was doing a good thing!  But recently I noticed the “herbal” part on the label, and decided to read the ingredients.  Now, I’m sure the amount of “herbs” in this tea are MINIMAL; they’re the last ingredients on the list after decaf black and green tea, sugar, etc.  My husband says it’s more or less a marketing ploy, if anything.  And it says right on the bottle that it’s a food, not a drug.  But now I’m a little worried.  When you google any of those herbs being used during pregnancy, the consensus is they’re a no-no, especially the valerian root.  However, I’m not drinking straight up valerian root tea, or taking a whole capsule of it.  I’m sure it’s fine.  It better be fine!)


Now that I’ve gotten a little bit of that psychosis out in the open, I’m going to try to let these fears go.  (Except that last one, still gotta ask the doctor.  Haha.)

In other news, I had my 19 week anatomy scan yesterday (19w1d).  It’s still a girl!  Everything looked good.  I can’t believe the detail they can get with even 2d sonography these days.  We saw every single internal organ, all the tiny bones, we could even see the pulmonary valve flapping away in that little 4-chamber heart.  Very cool.  The tech did flip on the 3d for a minute, and just as she did, baby C turned and smooshed her face into the placenta like a pillow.  She just doesn’t want to show her face!  Can’t wait til about 26 weeks or so, to go back to that Elective 3D place and hopefully get a good look at that mug.  I’ll be impatiently waiting.